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I love Jon Kabat-Zinn's guided meditations. 3 or 4 days a week I start the day with one of his yoga meditations, it is just a great way of getting the muscles and body working in the morning. I usually wake with very stiff legs and painful, tight muscles so it works really well for me. I even set my alarm extra early in the morning for before my toddler son gets up, so I have time to get the full meditation in, which is saying something as I love my bed!!

Another of my favourites for during the day when I'm feeling very fatigued (and have the time), usually between 3 and 4pm, is his body scan meditation. I feel totally rejuvenated afterwards, whether it's the lying down for 40 minutes or the actual meditation I don't know, but I feel so much better I don't really care. I go from being so tired I can barely walk to racing around the flat.. that's how it feels anyway.. I use two sticks to walk with so others may not notice the racing bit!

I almost crave the meditations when I haven't done them for a couple of days, and I never thought I would say that about meditation!

I've read his 'Full Catastrophe Living' book, which goes with these particular cd's and it's just great in making meditation seem easy and getting you totally addicted.

I would recommend this book and set of cd's to anyone who wants to get hooked!

Thanks for the recommendation, Alex - I've ordered one of the books from Amazon :-)
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