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It helps me with restless legs in the evenings and I take it when needed.

As for dose, this is different for each individual. I'm lucky that there is a good local shop that let me try different strengths before purchase, but if this is not possible, I would buy very small amounts at first until you have worked out your ideal dose.
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El aceite de CBD no me genera mucha confianza, a mi me encanta la música y la meditación como medio para calmar los síntomas.
After doing a considerable amount of research, I tried some CBD oil from - it's a high percentage oil, and it has good reveiws. How many drops? Read instruction. Try the lowest possible dosage and see how it works
There's a lot of good information on , but a couple of things need to be pointed out: the dosage will depend on the strength of the CBD oil you are using. Three drops of a 550 mg oil is not going to be as effective as three drops of a 1000 mg oil.
I have tried it, and my experience is that it has limited benefits for the cost.

I luckily do not suffer pain as an effect, but have heard that the Indica variety helps a lot with this. I only used Sativa variety @ between 3.5-5% concentration for relaxation and cognitive effects, and sadly I did not see any improvement having used it at a rate of about 5 drops/day for 4-5 months. However, many people DO notice a difference anecdotally, so it is a try and see situation.

If anything, it seemed to accelerate my tremours down my arms more, not sure if this showed neuroplasticity effects it was having on my body or what, but it made me jittery. It is a lovely taste if you get the natural un-refined stuff, and I think it has a general positive effect, but I have discontinued it as I cannot see justification for it.
I use to deal with stress and anxiety. It does help, but you need a professional to adjust the right dosage. You can try it yourself how it works for you, there is a lot of info on how to use it. Or just experiment with dosage - start with lowest effective and see how it works
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