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Hi everybody,

Not sure I reach out to many here since it seems that there are not many from Cph, DK that are posting in here.

Anyway, I wanted to give it a try. I'm newly diagnosed with MS and will soon start up on Aubagio in beginning of March. I've been trying to adjust my way of living life and I have been feeling really positive about this OMS change- especially the diet.

One thing though Im having a little trouble with is the mental exercise, and I would really like to here from any others that have had success starting up with meditation. Previously, I did not think of meditation as it was something I could do, but I would like to fully embrace the OMS way of living.

Hope to hear from some of you and maybe start up some sparring for the people living in Cph with MS.
Hi Andreas

There is me and Nina1 who lives in or nearby Copenhagen. Another member, Magnolia has moved to Jutland.
We all stay in contact and have meet on a few occasions.
You are welcome to PM me if you like.

All the best

Hi Peter,

Great to hear from you. At the moment Im in attack treatment and are waiting to recover. I would really like to meet up with you guys in future.

You can add me on FB if you feel like it, Andreas Stengel Hansen, easier to schedule I suppose :)

Keep in contact :)
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