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Hi, I'm Maryanne. Orginally from Bristol but living on the East coast of Spain. I was diagnosed this year but found OMS literally when I was in the hospital. Not from the neurologist unfortunately who doesn't even let me finish my sentence when I am talking about it. Anyway, I have complete faith that this is a hugely positive step onso many levels and cannot fathom why neurologists everywhere aren't fully advocating it!!

I would love to meet other people locally on the OMS program but I'm a little doubtful that there are many. I do also speak Spanish and wonder how this could be introduced to Spanish speaking people.
Hi Maryanne,

I am from Spain, currently living in Madrid.

Where abouts you are in th east coast? Valencia?
Hi Maryanne and RaveCR,

I live in Pamplona. I also found quite difficult to find people from Spain who are following OMS....so very pleased to see here few peoples

My neurologist didn't undertand it either...but doesn't matter....we are now empowered to make the change we want :)

I'm trying to introduce it to people who I know here and have MS...but the language barrier to follow the forum, news and so on... is sometimes a big difficulty.

I wish one day an OMS event could be organized in Spain, that would be great!!! are you coming to the UK's one?
Take care and keep in contact!
Me too - I'm in Zaragoza.
I'm brand new to this too and very curious to see how you manage eating out in Spain as tapas and jamon aren't exactly OMS friendly...
Hi guys. Im a.catalan. I dont live in Spain or Catalonia at the moment. Im in Ireland but i visit València and Barcelona often. At the.moment cooking everything from sctach. Plant base and fish no sugar and low sodium and very low saturated fats.. I make.my own bread and explore new recipies. One difference is my energy.is higher so i wal my doggies and do some chi kung. Starting the journey. Stay in touch! Good to know we are not alone.
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