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Hi All

Please feel free to use this forum to share ideas, recipes and fundraising tips for your OMS Dinner Parties.

If you have any queries about the Dinner Party or any other fundraising for that matter, then you can email us at [email protected]

Otherwise we and hope you can join us and look forward to hearing about your Global OMS Dinner Party Plans :)

Head of Fundraising

We are planning to organise a lunch date for World MS Day but it might need to be a bit earlier or later to avoid public holiday clashes in this part of the world (Austria).

I just wanted to say we did a kind of test run last week exposing friends to a completely OMS-friendly meal with the Book Group I am part of. The ladies were impressed; eyes (and taste-buds) were opened to the posibilities of what we eat rather than thinking of limitations - what limitations, righ:) To be honest, some were a little stunned...there were even broccoli seconds had for the first time in several lives!

Good luck with all the Global Overcoming MS Dinner Party plans.

Cheers, Karin
Hi Karin

That's great you are planning to hold a Dinner Party and even better that your trial run went well!

We have some wonderful recipes on the if you are ever stuck for inspiration, but sounds like your trial recipes are a winner, based on the positive feedback! :D

If anyone else has some mouth-watering recipes they would like to share, or would like to tell us about what they are planning to do for the Global Dinner Party we'd really love to hear from you! :)

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