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There is a Strava virtual running club for MSers but only 8 people.
If anyone is interested in setting up an OMS group on Strava let me know? Happy to post one up
Can anyone give me hope? I have had MS since I was 19 in 2001. Should have kept running over the years but other things took priority. But now running is at the top! I want to run again so badly! I truly believe that this program along with running can help me kick this disease, or at least survive it. I have had so much hope, but I just got some MRI results back, and I'm kind of discourages and scared. I have learned from experience that these are not good feelings to entertain, so I am trying not to go there. But is there anyone out there who can feed my dream??? Give me hope that I can run again? (I have foot drop and a slight limp after a long walk)

Hi all -
I was diagnosed at the end of 2013 and I started running in 2015. MS has no effect on my running. I run 2 to 3 times a week for at least 3 miles. I've done as much as 5 miles without any trouble. I've exercised though since 2002 and it's very important to me so I do it often.

I was having a bit of trouble with my lower back and having a minor MS hug on my right side these past few months but I went to PT and things are better. My MRIs showed two new small lesions on my brain but my spine looks good so I'm running as much as I can!!

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