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Wow melhelany, what a rough ride your insides have been having. It can be so hard to listen to our bodies to get a reliable sense of what's out of balance. And so challenging to decrypt the messages we get from the many "experts".

I would very much like to hear Prof George's take on intestinal flora.

In everything (IMHO), his leadership seems to focus on moderation, gentleness, common sense, and our taking responsibility for ourselves. Your ex-nutritionist's diet seems wild to me.

Although the OMS diet can make us stand out as awkward eccentrics in many social eating situations, the reverse would be the case if we saw a typical modern diet in the context of most of our ancestors*.

* Picture a modern junk food overweight couch potato, demanding their plastic wrapped super-processed store bought junk food, whilst sitting in on our rural/agricultural antecedent's meals. (I assume most of our ancestors lived and worked on the land).

Is it fair to say that the dimension of change in the OMS diet (excepting the satfat and dairy issue) is more about moving from processed to whole food, then skewing the carb/protein/fat balance. Meaning a move away from factory "doctored" ingredients.

I haven't been formally diagnosed with IBS, but I have had extended periods of what seemed very much like that (I seldom go near the medical profession, and find their diagnoses and diagnostic techniques often crude, narrow and insensitive). I have had delightfully good guts since getting on the OMS diet (though others might not appreciate any gas escapes).

I don't know how we can go about identifying the state of our digestive flora and finding whether and how it is out of balance. It seems crude to assess it just from such symptoms as constipation or over-acidity at the stomach end. It seems un-constructive just to focus on excrement, informative as that might be. We're interested in what is going on in the live bacterial culture through the whole digestive tract, not just the end residue state.

On my personal story, having never had a sense of smell, I have often blundered into eating bad food without realising it. Sometimes the consequences in my gut have been quite dire. A piece of cheese which had a black mold on the side that I didn't see, once put my guts and whole body into such a state that I literally thought I was a gonner. Total collapse and side effects whose descriptions would turn any stomach.

My point is that I assume our internal flora gets various upheavals over time. Food which introduces new bacteria and fungi, antibiotic treatments, diet balance, infections and diseases, and so on.

For those who feel they have food intolerances, it might be more accurate sometimes to see it as food which disturbs our internal flora, and we feel the side effects of bacteria activity change. In particular if bacteria fight for survival using chemical secretions, we will bear the consequences of those chemicals throughout our bodies.

I assume that there can be a strong inter-relationship between our gut bacteria's chemistry and everywhere that our blood can go. And that some of this chemistry is good for us and some bad.

Re. MS, this (internal flora) seems a rather un-debated area.

Good luck melhelany in Sydney, I do hope that you can let us know what you learn.
So how is everyone?

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I'm still looking forward to hearing about melhelany's experience.
pauldozzy wrote: I'm still looking forward to hearing about melhelany's experience.
Me too, and thanks for the reminder pauldozzy.
Fingers crossed that you learned and experienced strong positives through your experience melhelany.
The ABC show Catalyst that was broadcast on 14/7/2011 had a piece on fecal transplants being performed by Thomas Borody. It's worth having a look at.

I podcast the show from iTunes or I think you can download from the ABC website
http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3269844.htm for the transcript or

http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/vodcast/default.htm for the video
Thanks pauldozzy.

Wow, C.difficile killing 300 people in the USA per day! That sound horrendous, and such a waste if just caused in part by such as doctors prescribing antibiotics for colds.

I imagine that scrupulous personal and domestic hygiene must be really critical around anyone (including oneself) that has been infected with or in contact with C.difficile.

I wonder if there are intermediate states where our internal flora can be only a bit squiffy, but not enough to be in crisis. But enough to trickle bad material into our blood supply and contribute to the MS condition.

Just as well that our OMS program is so good for our immune system. I have every intention of going to lengths to avoid antibiotics if possible.
I saw something about this therapy on catalyst the other day, and was most interested as I've had IBS for over 15 years.

Several endoscopys\gastroscopys have failed to find anything abnormal.

Tested positive to fructose malabsorbsion, but going on a fructose free diet hasn't helped.(also gluten free)

Removing dairy and red meat hasn't helped either (been doing the jelenik diet with my OH for over 2 years - couldn't let him go it alone ).

I'm out of options and want my life back, instead of being ruled by my intestines..........
marshmallows, might it be that you have a bad gut flora, and that a transfusion could fix things? that seems to be the message we're getting, but i'm unclear how inappropriate flora is identified. it sounds as if this line might be worth investigating.
Wishing you a calm inside, and your post reminds me to be very grateful that mine seems OK and much the better for the OMS diet.
Woah guys! I'm so sorry that I failed to see all the responses that you'd posted in here!
So much has been happening of late and still following up on the faecal transfusion stuff from Sydney. Prof borody's colleague suggested I am a good candidate for trying the 'transpoosion' but that I won 't be able to consider it until I've stopped breastfeeding our son. He's 9mths old so don't really know when that might be..?
I'll post properly tomorrow with the rest of the info as the iPhone is a bit tedious to type on. Night all.
I've heard Naturapath speak of bacteria many times and have started taking a non-dairy probiotic I have started taking daily.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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