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By way of context, I thought this interesting: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/30/science/30microbe.html
Makes me think of antibiotics as more a last resort than the panacea that doctors seem to dish out so casually.
Hi everyone,

Anyone heard any more info regarding this type of treatment? I have recently read some doctors using this concept to treat other gut related infections but nothing recent regarding MS

I've not come across a thing (this just by way of giving you a smidgin of feedback Paul).

A casual TV series here in the UK recently showed a piece in a "how our food is produced" theme. They looked at probiotic products like Yakult. Despite the manufacturers not being too eager to be open about it, apparently the basis of such products is a culture of beneficial bacterial from a sample of faces from someone with a healthy digestion.

These days I find myself ever more cynical towards every sort of health promise from the food, supplement and medical industries. They all seem based on the same formula - that happiness if created by a combination of spending money and putting things in or on our bodies. I'm on quite another trajectory. Less of that, is more for me. Let nature have a chance to repair itself, I've faith in my systems innate ability to repair and adapt if given a chance. Vanilla veg, fruit and seafood is ample for me. I only want for a garden of my own.

Oops, my intent is not to deflect from this thread.
Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to the forum and still going through the old threads. Shortly after I was diagnosed with MS, Catalyst did it's feature on the gut, 'The Gut Reaction':

After watching this, my mum's partner mentioned a very interesting conference he went to several years ago, on fecal therapy. So, I decided to have a look on the forum, and was very interested to find this thread from 2011.

I'm interested to know - is everyone in the thread still on the forum? And does anybody have any updates? In particular, I'd love to know melhelany whether you went back to Sydney after breast-feeding, if it's not too personal a question?

Transverse Myelitis 2008; MS diagnosis July 2014 (relapsing-remitting); OMS July 2014.
Paul I know Nic (username nryan) was going to have that procedure. You could PM him. As a society we have so underestimated the effects on immune system from gut.
Good luck!!
I want a poofusion! Sign me up!
I know right, surfergirl!?

Thank you vex for that contact - I will PM him.
Transverse Myelitis 2008; MS diagnosis July 2014 (relapsing-remitting); OMS July 2014.
I had a fecal transplant six weeks ago and will have another in another six weeks. i already have improved balance and greatly improved energy levels and can drive twice as far as before the transplant. I am looking forward to further improvements, specifically longer walking times (still haven't broken 20 mins)
btw - I am not a him ;)
I'll have some of that, sounds great a marked change.
Random question but have you noticed a change in wind smell?
I could clear a hall with smell never sure if a good sign or bad.
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