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That is really great to hear, nryan! Sorry, I saw the 'ryan' part of your username and I think that's why subconsciously thought 'him'! I'm glad to hear the treatment is having an effect.
Transverse Myelitis 2008; MS diagnosis July 2014 (relapsing-remitting); OMS July 2014.
Hi Nyran

How exciting! Did u have this done in Aust?

Can I ask how you got referred to get it done. Cost? Criteria for being accepted?

I listened to the podcast with great interest and was thinking about trying to contact the Aussie guy to inquire about getting it done!

Were you awake for the procedure?

Veg, that may be a sign of leaky gut. That issue totally clear for me the minute I went on OMS and GF and started taking supps for leaky gut. Given the links to ms it's worth investigating that!

I think I got the only person in Australia who is willing to try this procedure for MS patients - anyone who wants this contact can PM me - just because I am not sure if we are supposed to publicly share this info - also I am not sure if my PM reply is working properly so this will be a good way to find out. This gastro enterologist trained with Borody in Sydney and his main focus in on IBS, C.Difficile and other gastrointestinal disorders.

You need to get a referral from your GP to this guy (he is in Melbourne) and then book in and go there - the first procedure is done by colonoscopy (which yo are not awake for) and then you do four pick ups and self administer (the really gross part of the procedure). After that you wait three months and go back for a top-up. all in all around $7000 - you can claim the anaesthetic on medicare but that is all.
Have been reading a great deal on this topic and it does seem to make a great deal of sense. However my question is - wouldn't a really good probiotic taken daily have the same effect?
Not at all, Maxie - a good probiotic goes nowhere near what this procedure does. The procedure involves two weeks of antibiotics and a low fibre diet to completely kill off the gut bioeme followoed by colonoscopy and fecal transplant to the ascending colon from a donor - the diversity and number of gut bacteria in this type of process does not compare with a probiotic - wouldn't even come close. The effect on the body is quite strong (I came down with shingles) as it is actually an organ transplant of sorts.
What is known about the frozen fecal capsules are they also less effective?
So sorry Nic, I didn't even realize that I made an assumption :)... Second time I did this too!
On the far more positive note - I am sooooo darn happy you are seeing such drastic improvements!!
Yay poop!
Oh - no harm done at all Vex :D thanks for the good wishes
I am so intertested in this after listening to the podcast talking about the gut biome etc although the price puts me off.

Nic, can u pl keep as posted as to the result you get over the next few months? Xx
There is actually a cheap way to DIY this procedure that is quiet low tech anyway: http://thepowerofpoop.com/epatients/fec ... tructions/
I bought the remedies I`ll need for it, but havnet totally gotten my head around it yet, if you know what I mean.
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