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the DIY method is certainly compelling, as it is very inexpensive, however, it has its drawbacks - the donor should always be screened thoroughly and really the antibiotics taken as a two-week course prior to the procedure are quite important - also the first transplant is done by colonosocopy and really is a "delivery method" far superior to enema. Also you get the benefit of being monitored so if there are complications you don't have to turn up at a hospital somewhere and explain why you have either ingested or infused yourself with someone else's poo.

Maxie - you cannot get frozen poo in Australia unless you get it from s friend (good luck with that one). the jury is out on whether this is an effective method - some say yes - others say that it introduces bacteria too high up into a usually sterile part of the intestine and could cause infection. It's really just a matter of google - there are indications that this procedure helps people with parkinsons and MS and cindications that is doesn't - very early days.

Surefer girl - I will certainly keep everyone posted - lets say I check into this thread in about four weeks. At the moment, as i say, the improvements are all bout energy levels and balance - my great hope is to see increased walking time over 20 mins and a further increase of my driving time which has already gotten over 15 mins.
Interesting but my thoughts would be if the gut bacteria is wrong, why not fix it with diet and nutrition? Detox and nutritionally cleanse your system and begin a life of eating clean. If you have this procedure done, and continue your lifestyle as you have always lived it and eat the same things, that bacteria will surely become ill/damaged/offbalance again, no?

Dr Perlmutter is doing much with gut bacteria study.

Dr Perlmutter is also advocating faecal therapy
Re - update on fmt.

Initially I let a great improvement after this, then everything went backwards - however my sister passed away unexpectedly and I can't be sure if shock and grief weren't the culprits here. At the moment I am again seeing much increased energy and a better sense of balance - will check in if there are any updates.

KT - I think you have missed the point. A sick microbioeme is not caused by bad eating habits or lifestyle. There are a number of factors such as antibiotics in childhood, not being breastfed, not having had a vaginal delivery, having had a number of illnesses in childhood, being oversensitive to gluten - the list goes on. It is not about poor lifestyle choices in the least. When the balance is really out, you can't just "detox" and eat vegetables LOL - that will not restore the balance of beneficial bacteria to you intestines, hence the need for fmts.
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