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Here is a good article about the latest research on the microbiome and MS that was published on Scientific American's site:

http://www.scientificamerican.com/artic ... n-the-gut/

The article is short but does present some of the latest, very promising research. For the past few years there have been a number of research papers published on the connections between the microbiome and other autoimmune illnesses, such as RA. But researchers are now starting to make some real connections and inroads into how the microbiome might be a cause or significant trigger to causing MS. Certainly more research is needed in this area but it's very encouraging that some of the top scientists are looking into these connections.

As presented in this article, it's interesting to note that some scientists are beginning to think that some MS drugs that suppress the immune system actually help to slow down MS development in some individuals not just because of the impact these drugs have on the immune system but in part due to the impact the drugs have on an individual's population of gut bacteria. In other words, what is taking place in the microbiome is becoming center stage. This is a huge connection.

Hopefully because of research like this, the next generation of MS therapies will involve those that focus on altering and improving a MS patient's gut bacteria instead of just altering the immune system.
And for anyone who has an interest in this topic, it is worth watching the Australian ABC TV's Catalyst program on the topic of fibre in diet and it's effects on the immune system etc. The programs should be accessible via iView on the ABC website. This was definitely "food for thought" - pardon the bad pun...........
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