With so much attention on the microbiome of late, I guess it was likely that someone was going to figure out how to monetize the science and create a diet/wellness program:


The concept is simple but certainly novel. You have your microbiome tested, and then based on the test results, computer-driven technology directs you how to alter your diet so that you can fine tune your microbiome. As you eat differently, maybe taking away foods that you are currently eating or adding new things, your microbiome changes, possibly improving your overall health and wellbeing.

It wouldn't surprise me if this sort of approach becomes the future of diet science. That is, instead of just eating a particular food or category because it is believed to be good for you due to its nutritional content (or because of what you read n a book or blog, LOL), foods are measured and consumed based on the actual impact that they have on one's microbiome.