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Hi there,
I was newly diagnosed in the past year and am following the OMS protocol. I began the program 8 months ago and am having fluctuations but no further relapses. i haven't found any support for the lifestyle changes I have made from neurologists or any like minded people with MS despite all the evidence behind the program. Nevertheless, the program works!

I wish there was the support in Canada that I see elsewhere. Please reach out if you are nearby. Social support makes a big difference!
There's an OMS circle based in Barrie, which is not that far away. Sign up at https://overcomingms.org/recovery-progr ... ms-circles to join that circle.
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Thank you Geoff for your email. On a map of Canada it probably looks close but Barrie is about
2 and 1/2 hours away from me. Too far for me to travel. There is a meetup listed near me but it still hasn’t got off the ground. After 8 months I wish I had others to share the lifestyle changes and challenges with. I thought someone might read this who lives nearby and reach out.

When I interact with others who have MS who haven’t bought into the program I feel very alone. It is hard to find support...
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