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I am really hoping someone can offer some help, advice or support.
I was diagnosed with optic neuritis two weeks ago which came out of nowhere and gave me a shock. I went to see the ophthalmologist who after a few days (as it worsened) treat me with steroids which helped bring my vision back a little (not back yet). I started to develop weakness in my body and over the two weeks that have passed I have very weak limbs with some burning in my arm, I get very very hot and sweat so easily which has never happened and i have some soreness in my tummy.
It’s worth saying I am an incredibly anxious person and would be fair to say I’ve slipped into a dark depression over the two weeks.
I have to wait another month for an mri as the doctor saw me when I only had optic neuritis so I guess was just doing it as routine.
I’m off work and am really struggling to get out and about which I know is in part by how afraid I am, but I do feel poorly and wondered if anyone had a similar experience? Looking for any support out there as I’m very afraid xx
Hi there,
I am so sorry to hear about your story.
It is a very frightening experience at first, until you get in control and trust that you will.
I understand it is a lot to process, but please try not to think the worst.
Your body is an amazing piece of machinery and it has an incredible ability to repair.
Right now try to focus on helping your body to repair.
When you have the energy, take yourself off to your nearest medlab to get a blood test for vitamin D3.
Your nmol ( nanamol) rating should be between 180-220 nmol.
If it is low, and I'm guessing it will be, you will need to mega dose. Please search on this site and find out how much you need to take to get into the safe zone. When you are in the "Safe zone" 180-220nmol, this will provide 70% protection from having a repeat attack.
This is the first step you need to take to getting back control of your body.
Please be kind to yourself and remember how powerful your body is to be able to recover. Read the recovery stories on this site. That can be you!
Take care
Rose xx
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