Hello everyone. I am 25 years old and was recently diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.
I already work as a pharmacy technician in a busy outpatients department in the NHS, but I really want to start adult nursing this September. My interview and occupational health check are both coming up soon.
I'll describe briefly how my sickness has affected me. I used to get numbness all over my body, as well as dizziness and vertigo, but that's all gone now. I am perfectly mobile, can run, go to the gym, and it nearly appears that I do not have it. I've had two physical examinations by two separate neurologists, all of whom indicated I'm fine.
I could have another relapse in three, five, or ten years (the disease is unpredictable and manifests as varied symptoms), or my neurologist suggested it could be benign MS, in which case I won't have any additional symptoms for the rest of my life. I only learned about the occupational test today, and I'm concerned that my MS diagnosis will prevent me from enrolling in the course. I have a biology degree, am a qualified pharmacy technician, and have three years of NHS experience, and I am now totally committed and hoping to pass the occupational health test. Does anyone have any experience with complications with occupational health checks? Any assistance would be much appreciated! thanks.