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Hi I'm interested to discuss experiences and coping methods for PPMS there are not many exchanges on PPMS. For me just trying to stay positive and continuing to travel. I'm trying to follow the OMS approach but am challenged by the progressive cognitive as well as physical decline. Has anyone gone through similar issues?

Any suggestions.
Hi Kellmic, can't help you directly with your question unfortunately.

Are you sticking to the diet for the most part? Dairy out altogether?
Yes I'm mostly sticking to the diet
Dairy out.
No fried food. The only meat I have is kangaroo mince and some very lean turkey mince.
Not sure how much exercise you are able to get while travelling - but I have recently upped my exercise quota considerably - am swimming or using the gym most days - and am feeling the benefits mentally as well as physically. Much less tired and 'foggy'.
Hi Kellmic
I was diagnosed 7 years ago and have been following the OMS lifestyle since. Over time I have become stricter and have not found it too challenging. I have traveled a lot during this time. Always carrying my cans of flaxseed oil and medication in a cooler bag. Exercise I kept up also. Got an exercise physiologist to write me an in hotel room program. Once home just reverted to my usual routine. Swimming is my preference now for exercise as I enjoy it the most & it makes me feel the best. In the first 6 months after diagnosis I had a steady decline with 2 relapses, 1 major but since becoming stricter on the program, have had no further relapses. I have many ms symptoms still but have managed to live my life and feel blessed that I found OMS all those years ago. Stick with it as it’s a healthy way to live your life and is very empowering.
All the best
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