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Hello everyone!

Just got diagnosed with RRMS a few days ago. I’m a U.S. Army veteran and have been dealing with strange symptoms for the better span of two years now.

I’ve recently regressed pretty quickly as my legs are starting to give way and I’m slowly losing control of my bladder.

Nevertheless, I’ve committed myself 100% to the OMS comprehensive care plan and am excited about the prospect of overcoming this disease.

I’m thankful for the community here that exists and would love to get engaged with this organization in raising awareness and funding.

Best wishes to all of us enduring the fight!
Hello and thank you for your service!

I am also recently dx (May 2018) and am still coming to terms with it.
I am trying to help control my symptoms with diet, excersize etc...I notice if I eat crappy, I feel crappy.
I am committed to the program.

Are you on any meds?

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