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Hello All,

I was recently diagnosed with MS in July. I had really no symptoms other than a clogged ear at the time which my ENT sent me for an MRI of my head, neck and brain. incidentally that is when MS first came up and of course I was completely shocked. Then had a MRI of spine which confirmed my diagnosis. Thinking back, I did have some minor leg numbness/tingling, dizziness(thought it could have been my clogged ear). I have been put on a Copaxone 3x/week which I have had no issues with. But might be too soon to have an effect I’ve heard. Any experience with this med and how long effectiveness takes? Starting OMS diet this week as well.

This past weekend I had a scary episode of my legs feeling very heavy and weak, and my left foot felt like I had foot drop. I was put on an oral steroid (24 days) which has improved in the first few days. I am wondering if this should be considered my first “attack” or if my prior leg numbness/dizziness should be considered as one. OR is that considered a symptom.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!

Hey there,

I am also newly diagnosed (June). I won't be able to answer your questions because I am still learning, but I can share my experiences. I had a 6 week long headache in the back of my head/neck which led to my diagnosis. I still have not yet met my MS Doc (first appointment is next week). In the meantime I am taking 600mg Gabapentin.

I had several other issues like hand/arm numbess, restless legs and others. My neurologist believes I am RRMS but won't know until I meet with MS Doc and maybe another MRI next year. Just had my brain MRI last week, will get the results when I see my MS Doc. Will likely start on Tecfidera at that time.

Based on what I have read and learned, sounds like your most recent episode is a relapse. Not that I know what I am talking about though, I still do not know which stage I am in, so I am no expert.
It’s often hard to pinpoint what classify as an attack.
You recently had steroids because this was an attack you experienced, however you may have had attacks before this and just not known it.

I was told an attack is classed by a new or worsening symptom.

Well done on finding OMS so early in your diagnosis.
Easiest step and one i feel is one of the most important is get your vitamin D level tested and ask for the number.
It’s fine for non m.s people to be in the normal range but us with m.s we need to be in the high range.
Just search on here for more on this.

I’ve not been on any DMD’s but many have been in the drug you are on, searching here will give you more info on this.

Drugs for m.s are being improved all the time and they ar3 working on one that can repair.
OMS is however your best chance of staying well and keeping m.s at bay.

All the best.
Met my MS Doctor for the first time yesterday and got some clarification on this.

I was officially diagnosed with RRMS. Relapses/Attacks are the occurrence of new symptoms which I believe are brought on by new lesions. (not sure if enhancing lesions are considered a relapse/attack or not). Previous symptoms recurring do not constitute as a relapse/attack. Basically those symptoms are with us now.

So for me the goal is to take as good a care as I can to prevent things from getting worse, all the while buying time for the medical world to cure this thing.

Good luck!
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