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Hello guys, thanks for accepting me. I really need your help. Two years ago, I had my first epidisode. I became really unwell, horrible pain in my neck, lost strength in my right leg and and hand,bladder problems, issues swallowing ( the list goes on). My husband took me to the ER, they Kept me in hospital for a week without a diagnosis. They took an MRI and showed early demyelination but that’s it.. saw two neurologist after, They never followed through because according to them I didn’t have nothing ( anxiety only). After the 1st attack took around 6 months to recover but I never fully recovered, since I always have mild symptoms closer to my periods. During the six months my doctor never took me seriously, went there over and over feeling so unwell but never knew what the problem was ( again they wrote in the notes “anxiety”). They ordered so many blood tests and always my wbc were high and iron low that’s it so they couldn’t diagnose and because I was having good days and bad days..
Last year was okay for me, but the fatigue was insane! I couldn’t function well and of course I knew there is something wrong and I knew I wasn’t fully recovered.
So, I began seen another doctor, still having mild symptoms sometimes. She became fully aware of my symptoms, but, still without a proper diagnosis. When I was feeling okay, she just ordered new blood tests, results showed vitamin D was super low only 40 so, she put me in vitamin d. She also thought I had issues with my thyroid because previously during my 1st attack one CT scan showed I have a cyst in the thyroid... that’s it, end of the story. End of the investigation...
While I though I was getting better I had another attack just recently, in December 2018 and since then I can’t function well anymore. My brain is foggy, can’t think clearly, memory issues, my neck was painful again, swallowing issues, loosing strength in both hands now and grip..
The feeling is horrible and still don’t have a diagnosis.
During dr last visit I had a confrontation with my doctor because I demanded help, i was feeling miserable and I wanted to take my symptoms seriously. She said during the last visit that she “thinks” I have Ms but I needed to see the neurologist. When she said that i already knew obviously. So I’m having a blind date again with a new neurologist hoping to have a proper diagnosis this time.
Would medication help with these horrible symptoms? Don’t know what to do anymore. What type of help I can get? Support groups?
I feel absolutely frustrated, afraid. I’m feeling in a dark moment because I’m only 39, just graduated from my Midwifery Degree, starting my dream job in February, I have children, and a husband who doesn’t understand what I have. I have invested so much time studying, and my children neeed me. I thought I’ll live a healthy happy life forever but my life story is having a major turn. I’m afraid my husband will leave me, because I’m not the same person now.im afraid I won’t be able to perform my job, etc..
While I’m writing this, I’m having cloudy thoughts, weak left arm, memory loss.

Also please forgive my grammar issues sisnce English isn’t my first language.

Thank you for reading me xx

Hi Rosa,

Sorry to hear what you are going through. I was diagnosed in June of 2018 with RRMS after a similar situation, where I Was going to my doctor multiple times per weak with horrible headaches and numbness all over my body, only to be continuously dismissed by him saying I have migraines. I was diagnosed after I went to the ER and was sent to a neurologist and then an MRI. So I know your frustration in that sense.

My first few months were very rough, mostly mentally and emotionally. But it did get easier. With time came acceptance, and with acceptance came resolve and determination to fight the disease and do whatever was necessary to keep my life the way I want it, and hopefully improve it from where it was before.

OMS has been great. It was definatley a struggle at first to quit meat, but I managed and now have no issues in doing so. Meditation is KEY, for me anyway. I love it. There are some good books out there than can help such as "Meditation: An In Depth Guide" by Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson.

I started treatment at the end of October (Tecfidera). Had some bumps in the road but all in all nothing too serious. I feel better mentally just taking something to help.

As for your worries about your job and your husband, I would suggest trying to not dwell on things like that. It's easy to jump on worst-case-scenario (and I have done that a million times), but its not going to help. Just focus on taking things a day at a time until you feel healthy enough to deal with those other issues.

Hope this helps.

- Matt
Welcome Rosaa, definitely review your diet. Will make a big difference. You've taken out dairy I assume? Gluten? Some would disagree with the last one but I started feeling better without it. Do you have much sugar?
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