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Hi all

Just wanted to write about my experience so far and say thank you to all on the site as the encouragement is absolutely great. I'm a Doctor and whilst under a lot of stress from work and exhaustion I developed some hand sensory symptoms followed by balance problems and headaches.... all very quickly diagnosed as a demylenating disorder. Waiting now to hopefully start a DMD soon...

As soon as I went off work a lot of symptoms settled down and gradually over the last 2 months my hand has improved day by day. I could OMS the day after my MRI and have been following the programme since Nov 2018 and the results have been fantastic..... giving me lots of hope and positivity for the future.

It feels like this relapse left me with lots of issues that come and go through the day like a burning sensation in my feet, but I tend to know when these will come on.

All in all, I was a wreck when I saw the lesions but after finding OMS I have felt a lot better and see a briggt future.
Hi Jas

Welcome! When you talk about stressful situations I can totally relate.
I have always felt that in my situation the stress brought on the symptoms, and certain foods were like pouring petrol over an already raging fire!

What I advise you now is to practice self kindness and care.
At the end of the day we need to care about ourselves as much as we do about others!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley

It was amazing to be removed from the stress and exhaustion and watch the symptoms just get better. I'm back at work now and just manage everything better as I feel I'm lucky to have found something that is a definite trigger in my case .
Mindfulness sound bites might let you stitch short meditation breaks into your day to let you ground yourself out of the daily medley of activity.
Hello. I have a recent diagnosis of RRMS. I also have erosive lichen planus so put a lot of my symptoms down to side effects of that treatment.
I feel really optimistic about things though. I have just had my loading dose of Ocrevus and handling that well. I love that it’s only 2 infusions a year. I see a wonderful team at the MS clinic in Sydney. I am about to start the OMS diet, etc, and my physio is helping me apply for funding for a home Pilates machine.
It’s a big and scary diagnosis. My aunt, now deceased, was diagnosed 40 years ago when there were no treatments. She had no quality of life. I feel that there really are ways to live well with MS and am grateful that I found this website.
We all have our own paths to take, but this is how I am going to go.
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