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I was diagnosed with ms in May 2016. Since the first event I’ve stabilized. Going about normal life stuff. Emotionally I’ve been up and down. I’ve been taking gilenya since diagnosed may 2016. I feel fortunate to be active and for the most part stable. This last week however, a cold, and asthma have really layed me out. I’ve had a persistent migraine for the last 3/4 days not much sleep. My lower back feels like my migraine. Any suggestions for dealing with migraines.


Have you ever tried tiger balm?
There are different types, the red one is to be rubbed in for pain. There is another white one for headaches. It may not work for everyone, but is worth a try.
I am a great believer in tiger balm!
Also there are tiger balm medicated plasters.
Hope this is some help as I also had migraines and know how terrible they can be!

Thanks Valley. Tiger balm. Of course. I have some !!!

Let us know if it works for you! I would be very interested!


Be kind to yourselves!
Bannrikae thanks for the article. I love ginger. Thanks again
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