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Hi folks, I'm new to all this (& finding it all a bit daunting!), so just wondering if anyone who lives in this little corner of S.E. England is interested in discussing OMS, keeping healthy and life in general? Would be good to find some supportive like-minded souls in this area. If you're out there would be lovely to hear from you! Thanks to everyone on this site for offering an alternative to the usual NHS dismal view of the future!
Have a look at https://overcomingms.org/community/find-support/

There are a few circles nearby
OMS since 17/08/2015
Diagnosis 28/05/2015 - 22/09/2015

I live in Ashford and work in Dungeness. :)

Thanks so much for all replies, nice to know there are like-minded folks in my area. Just wondering if anyone knows of any OMS 'friendly' Neurologists in the South East corner of the U.K. I'm finding the current approach which is all about DMD's (& "if you don't take 'em your doomed"), to be very negative and quite depressing. So would be really useful to find someone who would be supportive of the OMS approach, or at the very least, not dismissive, and who would be willing to support and work with me. Interested to know how other folks in my area are getting on with their medical teams, and any thoughts on the subject would be very much appreciated.
I am, I am now living in Dorset, was living in Bedfordshire, previously Hertfordshire...moved here with my partner of 19 years soon after my PPMS diagnoses 11th April 4 years ago at the age of 64.. sadly I have just lost my partner 8 weeks ago, same date of my MS diagnoses 11th April...passed away at home whilst sitting in his armchair after returning from talking our-his dog to the pet groomers, with the intention of going back to collect him, a 20-30 minutes car drive an hour or two later...

Jackie.....diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with BrainStem disease.....11th April 2015..... at the ripe old age of 64........
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