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Hello, I’m recently diagnosed (Jan 2019) and have a 10 month old baby. I’m following OMS as much as I can and am looking to connect with other mum’s who are also following OMS as I’m sure there are many ways we could support each other with the challenges of OMS and parenthood in a positive way. Also very keen to hear of any other groups/forums that may also be helpful. Thanks, Heather
Hi, perhaps there is an OMS circle near you that you could connect with for a more direct contact with others following OMS.
I think that might be an OMS facebook page used by some new mums but I don't know the page.
This forum does have OMS followers using it to help reply to questions too if that helps.
Thanks for your response, I have joined my local OMS circle and the people there are wonderful and helpful but at very different stages in their lives hence my hunt for other mums to connect with too.

Im not a mum so cant help you there. But if you're on twitter there is a "mummy with MS" -
Mummy with MS @mummywithmsJMHC

You could maybe get in touch with her.

Hi Heather, I am a mummy of 2, lb 2 yrs 4 months & a lg 11wks. I was diagnosed Sept 17 & have been following OMS since April 19. Pls feel.free to get in touch rachelcashel@gmail.com rxx
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