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Hi all. I am 25 and was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis a couple of months ago.
I already work in the nhs as a pharmacy technician in a busy outpatients department but want to start adult nursing this sep sooooo badly. i have my interview soon and my occupational health check.
I will briefly explain how my disease has affected me. At the worst i had numbness over my body and dizziness and vertigo but now that has all gone. I am completely mobile, can run, go to the gym and its even almost like I dont have it. I have had two physical examinations by two different neurologists who have said I have no problems.
I may have another relpase in three, five, ten years (the disease is unpredictable and presents as different symptoms) or my neurologist said it may even be benign MS where I won't have any other symptoms ever again. I only heard about the occupational test today and I am worried that because i have had an MS diagnosis, this may stop me getting on the course. I have a biology degree, am a qualified pharmacy tech and have had three years worth of nhs experience and now I am fully committed and praying I will get past the occupational health test. Does anyone have any experience with occupational health check problems? Any help would be appreciated! thanks.
Good luck in your next steps.
It sounds like you have position nailed and if they rejected you it would be discrimination. Are you required to disclose? Or can you just pass the test?

I would advise you to be and look confident in your abilities and your knowledge that MS is not going to interfere. If they see you worry then they might worry but if they see that you are strong and capable (which you clearly are) then that is the impression they will take away.

Stand tall my friend, :P
You come across more than capable. Personally if you don't have to mention it I wouldn't. If you are feeling fit and well I can't see where there will be an issue. Let us know how you go.
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