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Hi all,

I have been dealing with symptoms for awhile that in my mind were not connected. Then, right after Thanksgiving, I woke up one night and my legs hurt so badly I could barely stand and could not walk. The issue lasted about 3 days, with the pain decreasing and mobility increasing each day. I had run a 5k the day of Thanksgiving, and I went to the ER. They checked for blood clots and that's it. I chalked it up to muscle soreness??

My mother started mentioning MS to me and throwing years of symptoms at me. I started putting together document of symptoms, which as they occurred all seemed explainable enough by other things. In hindsight, the explanations do not quite fit. I'm posting them here for insight and support from those who have been through this process.

I am currently in PT for right arm and hand tingling that has been going on for about 3 months. I've been told the next step will be an MRI of the cervical spine. Thanks for any input or feedback!

• Right arm tingling, numbness
o Can be positional, but has been fairly consistent since beginning of October 2019

• Left hand – vibrations and when tap fingertips, jolt of pain/volt (isolated occurrence/one evening)

• Headaches

• Trouble finding words/slurring/stuttering (not constant; occurs in pockets – may be linked to migraines???)

• Dizziness (some moments of imbalance and episodes of vertigo)

• Extreme leg pain (went to ER)

o One time instance, lasted about 3 days with pain lessening each day. On worst day, could not walk and pain came in waves but always constant. Like a contraction in my legs. Knees would give out when walking.

• Fatigue
o Can be extreme. Depression??
 Since I was a teenager (was anemic at one point, but got tested for lupus and other auto-immune and sugar issues due to its pervasiveness)
o Walking up a flight of stairs leaves me wanting to sit down some days before continuing on.
o Get more tired working out, though know I am also out of shape and working back into it
o Have been to the doctor multiple times for fatigue but always goes away and I dismiss it as hormonal, etc. Then comes back and feels pervasive again.

• Fizzing sound/feeling in back right of head/top of neck. (compare to pop rocks. Lasts about 2-5 seconds)

• Some nights, vision is flashing and like a kaleidoscope (similar to ocular migraine)

• Restless legs (occasionally, maybe once a month)

• Frequent muscle cramps (feet, neck/throat, back, ribs)

• TMJ (more muscle cramping than jaw pain alone)

• Occasional chest tightness (anxiety linked maybe)

• Intense itching of hands and feet (may be allergic reactions?)

• Ice pick headaches

• Lower back pain

• *After ankle surgery in 2010(2011?), started having random severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis or just short of anaphylaxis). Ended up being diagnosed in 2013 with exercise induced anaphylaxis.

o In 2016, started having episodes that I thought were allergic reactions. Face would go numb, difficulty swallowing, itchy hands. Went to the ER for one episode and after tests, they treated it like a panic attack. I was in a period of high anxiety and depression, so even though I didn’t think that’s what it was, I accepted it as plausible.
o Still have random attacks of severe itching in the hands and some coughing/sneezing that doesn’t ever go any further.

• Memory issues
o I can have a conversation with someone, go home or to my office and struggle to have any recollection of what we talked about. Sometimes I can prompt the memory back, but often I find myself emailing to ask what we discussed.
Hi Dainty,
I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.
It could well be MS. Problem is that it is not always an easy diagnosis. It's a really diverse illness and so you need an MRI to really know what's going on. I know how frustrating the process can be - I lost the use of my right hand for 18 months before I was finally diagnosed and able to start to deal with it. My advice is to get a neurologist, an MRI and hopefully a definitive answer. In the meantime be patient and take care of yourself.
Cheers, Fiona
Thanks for the kind words. I just go word that my MRI will be this Friday. I have a neurologist for a separate issue, but I am hoping that I have the MRI results to take with me before I go in February. I showed my primary care doctor my symptom list, and she did not seem overly concerned. So we will see. Thanks again.
Trust it goes well. If it doesn't you have support here.
Thanks for the well wishes. My MRI revealed a VERY large herniation in my cervical spine. I have having an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion in March. My surgeon does not think it is causing my leg symptoms, just the arm numbness and pain. My neurologist thinks it is possible it is affecting my legs. So in the meantime, I am treating this first and will see what problems remain after my spinal surgery. Thanks to all for their feedback and for checking in on me!
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