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Hi everyone,
I have just diagnosed with MS, and I am still going through checks... May I ask your opinion about deciding not to take drugs, and if someone is doing it? Thanks a lot in advance:)
I was diagnosed in June 2018 and started taking Tecfidera in fall 2018. I have had no relapses since diagnosis and side effects to the medication were minimal and was contained only to the first month of treatment,
Hi MLahey,
Thanks a lot for sharing
Diagnosed 2003 age 23.
Chose no DMD.
Started OMS and LDN 6 years ago.
Then had HSCT 10 months ago. ( so far no new attacks )
I chose this aggressive treatment as it’s a ‘ hit it hard - hit it once approach )
Not on any meds. But keep eye on vit D.
Hi Bluberry,
Thanks for sharing:)
Hi ale.

I started tecfidera but have discontinued it due to unlisted side effects - but a lot of people seem to tolerate it well. It would seem that this is the best of a bad bunch in terms of efficacy and side effects.

Having looked into all ms drugs, I've decided for the time being to try to get onto low dose naltrexone as an off label treatment used for some neurological and auto immune illnesses - which has a lot of anecdotal success with little in the way of side effects. But where it is cheap and generic now, there's no money for big pharma to make and study in greater clinical trials.

There's no way I'd go onto most of the DMDs, for the side effects, rebound effects, infection risk and developing other auto immune diseases...sheesh, how these ever got into the healthcare system is beyond a joke, except for perhaps the worst MS cases.
Hi Camaban,
Thank you very much for your message
Hi Ale,
I have never taken drugs.
I have had MS for 18 years and have been relapse free for nearly 10 years.
I follow the OMS program to the letter.
It's possible to be drug free and relapse free!
Thank you Rose ! I appreciate your help:)
Hello, I have not taken my MS medication in over a year and Im fine. Everyone is different though, so please do not go by what everyone says, go with your gut. Sorry this might not have been helpful but I seen your post and just thought I'd add my own response. Good luck whatever you deciede xo
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