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Hello fellow OMSers.

I've been reading Dr. Jelinek's book over the past few months, dipping in and out of it and reading this forum for the past week, and have now decided to fill in the final 2 blocks of the program to fulfilling the recommended way of life - which for me is the diet and meditation aspects, with the diet being the number one hurdle.

I was diagnosed with MS late July of last year, with weakness down my right leg - although it has been reasoned by my neurologist that I'd been unwittingly suffering with it for around 8-10 years, with a slight impairment with foot drop after a few miles walking and cognitive issues developing over that time.

When diagnosed, I was already in a regular intense workout habit and had been taking omega 3 supplements, but straight away quit smoking for good (I'd been smoking on weekends, vaping during the week) and started taking 4000 IU Vitamin D daily along with probiotics.

I was a heavy meat eater up until last week - I'm talking maybe 3 kilos of pork and beef every week with regular cheese and milk usage. I was on a healthy enough diet (plenty of veg) and losing weight while gaining muscle mass in my legs particularly with my exercise bike. But now my situation has altered which has brought on the change in diet - I've come off of tecfidera as I was feeling lethargy, tiredness, heavy headed, nose always running and random flushing, all of which were getting worse as time went on and causing me to become down in the dumps and anxious at this deterioration and fatigue. I am looking to get onto LDN, but it has made me realise I need to take further steps to eliminating as many flare ups as possible - as I'm currently going bareback and need the first line of defense.

Then, I went onto the chapter which I'd been avoiding in Dr. Jelinek's book - the diet section.

Having read it and complimenting it with looking through this forum and other online research, I am now an OMS dieter, and this past week have been loving it.

I'm optimistic about my new way of life.
This is great to hear and surely an inspiration to others who are heavy meat eaters that they can convert to a plant and wholefood bases diet. Plenty of vegan athletes, amateur and professional alike.

How are you now, eighteen months after this post?
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