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Hi all you wonderful, positive people!

I need help with going gluten free- particularly breakfast! I am on day 10 of this and feel sooo much better! But I am SO sad to eliminate oats from my diet! I loved my breakfast! However, breakfast currently consists of buckwheat pancakes or gluten free bread - both Orgran products. I have spent time looking at the selection of available cereals, but not sure... tried rice flakes but they are ugh! Don't like soy milk either thanks! I'm sure someone out there will have the solution for this!

Looking forward to your responses!

Hi Judy
I have found Carmen's cereal (the gluten free one) to be really delicious. There is also a Buckwheat cereal I found in the supermarket which is nice too. I add fruit and some almond milk, or rice milk.

Also try cooking quinoa, with some cinnamon, and sultanas and then adding the rice milk.

or if you like none of the milks, how about just pouring some fruit juice on your cereal?

The rice porridges are a bit bland I agree.

Or try a smoothie with lots of fruit and almond milk or rice milk.

Hope this helps.

Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.

I was gluten free for awhile and I am considering doing it again...

I drink a green breakfast smoothie in the morning and usually have a piece of glueten free toast with a little avocado and quick squeeze of lemon.

If you love oats- maybe this could work?
Quinoa Porridge - Think of this as quinoa oatmeal sans the oats. Make it just like regular quinoa, and then add a cup or so of almond milk (I don't like soy much either) at the end. Simmer until the porridge thickens a bit and then top with your favorite breakfasty condiments. My fall fave is fresh applesauce, cinnamon, and crushed almonds. You could also add some flax meal, blueberries and any other nut with a little brown sugar- the options are endeless...

I recently saw this recipe and toyed with making these muffins and freezing them for mornings when I am in a rush...
(Instead of eggs I use flax seed meal as an egg replacer... For each egg to be replaced whisk 1 tablespoon flax seed with 3 tablespoons water until the mixture is thick and creamy.)

These are my favorite gluten free blogs... sometimes you have to tweak the recipes to make them OMS friendly but they are a great resource.

good luck going GF! I need to follow in your footsteps =)
I've been meaning to try Quinoa - my diet is basically gluten free with the exception of breakfast.

I can't do without my porridge :D - steel-cut oats (in water) DELICIOUS with fruit

+ it seems to regulate my body really well.
oops- forgot one!
sometimes I have a slice of this with my green smoothie in the morning...
sometimes I have a slice for dessert...

GF Banana Bread


3/4 a cup room temperature almond butter
1 medium browned banana
1/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup arrowroot powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
*one cup dried cranberries (sometimes add this to mix it up)

1. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F and line a small loaf pan with parchment paper (this cuts out greasing the pan and ensures your bread won’t stick).
2, Mix together the almond butter and bananas until you get a smooth consistency (you may need to add more banana depending on the size of your first one, just know the more banana you use the denser the bread becomes).
3.In a separate bowl combine all remaining ingredients other than the dried cranberries. Then slowly add the wet and dry ingredients together.
4. Finally fold in the dried cranberries if you are adding them
5. Pour mixture into the pan and let bake for about 25 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on this as the cooking time will vary with the amount of bananas used. When in doubt, stick a fork in it.
I've been gluten free for one year, feeling better everyday, and I eat oatmeal for breakfast at least five days a week, was actually eating it as I came across your post.

Oats by themselves are gluten free.

The oats you are buying may have been cross-contaminated, that is exposed to wheat, barley or other gluten containing grains in the harvesting process as many producers use the same equipment and storage locations for various crops. There are many producers who guarentee their oats have not been cross-contaminated, here's a link to get you started:

Best of luck!

Bobby V.
In the UK Nairns do a gluten free oat cereal, as is not grown by wheat or processed in a wheat factory.
but I have stopped eating them in my trial to go totally GF again, I had been for 2 years (BBB) and had then say 9 months ago reintroduced oats and legumes but I have gone backwards so have decided to elimated both again and see where I go.
Aghhh I just read that rice & soy milk can contain barley (during production) & soy & fish sauces. How strict do you need to be? Some celiacs have to eliminate all sources with no traces, but if you're trying it (suspected leaky gut, no allergy tests yet)?

I bought gluten free bread but before that I had rye essene bread. Being sprouted, it's kinda sorta mostly gluten free (bits might get in).

While we're going all Paleolithic, essene bread goes back 6000 years. No yeast, no flour, no oil. It's 100% sprouts mashed up & made into loaves- sounds yuck but it's nice (trust me.... ;D ). The rye is just delicious. I've given it to Muggles & they liked it too.
hahah- muggles!
I like that you gave us special powers = )

Sorry- I am not the expert on gluten free stuff. I drink almond milk that is gluten free... maybe you could try making your own rice milk. I know they have rice milk makers out there. Just a thought.
As I have hardly anything pre made I do not need to overly worry about reading labels for sluten. I am careful as for example I have a GF baking powder but not anally careful.
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