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I have been gluten free for three days after being inspired by Alex, Catherine and Gumnut, and don't feel any better yet (nor would I expect to) but something interesting I have found is that I don't get as hungry as I used to. I don't know if this will last, but going off bread, I find I am more satisfied by my normal meals than previously. Probably as a result of cutting out bread, and feeling more satisfied by small healthy meals, I have dropped over a kilo in weight in three days!
I make gluten free flat breads that I have with soup.
Don't eat sandwiches as I do not buy ready made gluten free bread as generally a very processed loaf.
I have pitta bread that DOES contain gluten. Other than that, I avoid it. As it is not (necessarily) part of this plan, I don't adhere to the gluten free idea as much as I could. I know that since I have avoided bread, I feel less bloated. Bloating isn't really part of OMS for me anyway. I have just ordered a free sample of gluten free flat bread (thanks Veg!). Very interested to hear your conclusion Lozza!!!
First symptom (of many): May 2009
Started OMS: October 2011
'Inconclusive' diagnosis: January 2012
Decided no diagnosis required: February 2012
I avoid bread and no longer feel sluggish after lunch or like a space hopper which sandwhiches used to do, yer they were tasetly but I prefer not having the side effects ;)
My flat breads just about pass for pizza bases for grilling stuff on top. I don't do yeast either.
I use a little bit of Red Bob's gluten free flour this makes them extra nice, must be the chick pea flour element.
I love flat bread! Naan is my all time favourite. But going gluten free, the joys of naan are but a fond memory. My wife got me a gluten free 'wrap' bread. Talk about false advertising. As soon as I tried to roll it up, it shattered into a zillion pieces. :( Had to eat my 'wrap' with a knife and fork, and It looked and tasted like linoleum. :?

How do yours turn out veg?

We were given some home made 'gluten free' bread to try a few months ago, that was absolutely delicious, soft and squishy. I think they told us using ascorbic acid was the key. However, turns out it was spelt flour, which I believe has gluten in it.

I agree with you about the commercially available gluten free loaves. Why are they so small you need a magnifying glass to find them? And although you tuck in with hope in your heart, they end up tasting almost, but not quite, nothing at all like bread. :cry:
I like Lifestyle Bakeries GF Chia Seed loaf & yes the slices are small squares but they're thick & very filling.
http://www.lifestylebakery.com.au/page. ... oductid=34
This is delicious. You won't believe it's not butter!! Ooops I mean you won believe it's not baked but sprouted. It's like pumpernickel but better. Everyone Ive tried it on likes it. It's great well toasted in thick slabs. Add Vegemite and flax oil on top and OMG, I mean OMS!!


Actually it's not strictly gluten free so if gluten gets you, avoid it. But being sprouted the gluten is allegedly barely there.
My flat breads are based on a recipe I found on the BBD forum and altered it to suit me.
250 grams flour (I use Dove Farm GF blue flower and include 50 grams of Bob redmill GF flour)
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
145ml rice milk
1 teaspoon honey (optional but I add this)
½ - 1 egg (or 1 x egg replacer use a stick blender to get it good and frothy)
2-4 garlic cloves chopped/crushed + 5-10 grams chopped coriander (a small handful)

1. Mix flour, (and baking powder and soda if not using self raising flour) in bowl
2. Separately mix the milk, honey, egg (or egg replacer), garlic and coriander in a jug, onion seeds are nice in this too
3. Add wet mixture to flour in bowl, I use a table knife to start mixing and I just pour the lot on top of the flour and mix from there
4. Kneed on floured surface (I don’t do this I just kneed it directly in the bowl adding flour sprinkled over hand in bowl as needed to get a nice dough)
5. Roll the dough in your hands to make a sausage shape and then break off into balls, press out into a nann shape on a floured surface to approximately 4mm thick, set aside on a baking sheet to rest for 15 mins, I get 15 small breads from this about 4 inches across in size
6. Heat the griddle to good and hot, I don’t find I need any oil on it
7. Cook nanns until golden brown and puffed up, approx 4 mins a side

Can be frozen and toasted from frozen or used straight away say for mini pizza bases or just eaten. they are not flexible to roll as a wrap but when freshly cooked can be sliced open to make mini pitta shaped breads.
Hey Lozza,

Great to hear about your doing GF! I should think that by week three you may feel different if you are intolerant. By week six you will definately notice.

I am proud of you for trying this because I know personally how difficult the change can be.

Developed 5 May 2011, Diagnosed 4 Aug 2011, OMS 15 Sept 2011, Gluten-Free 22 February 2012, Recovery declaration 2 September 2014, recanting of recovery declaration due to relapse 14 October 2019.
Thanks Alex, I have marked the date in my copy of OMS! Veg, thank you too. I have printed off the recipe and will talk to my 'quartermaster/treasurer' about getting the gluten free flours. I haven't made my own flatbread for ages, so this should be interesting. Thanks to all the other posters here for the tips and encouragement too.
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