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Thanks for all the advice.

I had a test for gluten allergy a few years ago and it came back negative. I've since read that this really doesn't mean too much and you can actually still be sensitive to gluten even with a negative result. I believe I am which will obviously make life a little more difficult. My throat gets tight after eating gluten and I have difficulty swollowing. I also get a tight feeling in my chest as though something is stuck and I suffer from a chesty cough and have mucus. Looking at my symptoms dairy, I also appear to have dizziness after consuming gluten. So I'm slowly going to start replacing the foods we have in with gluten free - I can afford to do it all at once, so have changed pastas and will make my own bread from gluten free flours.

Thanks for all the advice and tips.

Chelle x
I have just recently had a gastroscopy/biopsy to check for Coeliac disease, negative yay!
However for along time now my Integrative GP has wanted me to go gluten free because of nutrient absorption issues; I have been very resistant because I am not convinced. I have got as far as gluten free toast each morning and a general reduction overall which probably equates to at least 50%.

2 weeks before the test I had to eat heaps of it (bread particularly). A week in I felt SO unwell with some interesting non-MS symptoms returning. I clicked that it had to be the addition of the bread (possibly gluten) because I had not added anything else. The conclusion is I maybe sensitive to it and I sure don't like how bad I felt, so much so I always think twice now about having a good feed of bread again.
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Hey, give it up for 30 days, if you have a problem you will know upon reintroduction!

This is worth a read:
http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-comm ... nsitivity/

This is also an interesting paper:

Which gets talked about here:
http://chriskresser.com/rhr-can-autoimm ... d-reversed

Our personal experience, I can't 100% tie gluten to MS but for myself and my wife (the one with MS) we feel so much better without gluten. A bunch of my IBS type symptoms just went, my frequent GERD, general digestive discomfort and that annoying mid afternoon slump, all gone so... whether it affects MS, there seems to be some science showing that it certainly does not help, but generally, it just seems to be a nutritionally void food that has too many potential negatives for me to include it in our diet.

The tests are junk thought, the only way to really know is to cut it out and see what happens when you bring it in. Believe me, you will know if you have a problem.

Hope this helps
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