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I've been on the OMS program for almost three months. I've noticed many positive side effects from eating a plant based diet + fish. I am also more in tune with my body and how food makes me feel. I am starting to think that I may have a gluten intolerance. I noticed feeling stomach irritability, fullness, bloating and over all discomfort after eating a product with wheat. This doesn't happen when I eat oats, brown rice, or other grains.

To those that switched to gluten-free, what were your initial symptoms? How did you make the connection that you were gluten intolerant? Was it difficult to switch? Any advice would be great!

Hi Jennifer,

In went gluten-free 1 1/2 months ago, because I have constipation for a long time (my first "long-standing" symptom). Just trying. That is my main reason.
Too soon to tell. I suppose 3-6 months is the minimum.

Hi Jennifer

I took gluten out of my diet which was tricky for me as I just love white crusty bread! There's a French bakery at the end of my road which sells the most delicious baguettes, so going past this shop everyday especially when I was hungry was very tricky.

I've been gluten free for over a year now and definitely wouldn't go back, the main thing that I noticed was that after a couple of months my mental clarity had improved, I had been unable to concentrate on and follow even the simplest of newspaper articles. I'm sure it's the OMS Program working its magic too, but my cognitive function significantly improved, so much so that I've been able to go back to studying again!

Bread is what I miss most though, as the gluten free versions just aren't the same.

I tried the gluten free thing a while ago, but like you, Jossi,suffer badly with constipation and the only natural thing that helps is Bran Cereal. I use Uncle Toby's Pran Plus which has 18gr fibre per serve or Aldi's Just Bran (same fibre) for a cheaper version.

Re the mental clarity, I have found that limited sugar intake has the same effect. Now look at nutrition labels for sugar content as well as S/F. 3 gr. sugar per 100gr serve is recommended.

I still find my diet well worth while and don't miss the little extras.


I'm on gluten free diet a month ago. A constipation is a problem, but only when I skip my kale salad. So, now I eat kale regulary. First symptom that disappear is feeling fullness, bloating stomach.
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