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Does anyone know of any GF bread brands in Australia that are safe to be eaten on OMS? I was using Bill's Organic bread (not GF), however am going to try switching to GF (in line with FODMAPS) to see if it will help eliminate some of my issues.
Do you have/are you willing to get a Bread Maker? I've been making GF OMS bread for a while and have been meaning to post the recipe for ages but not got round to it - doh!
If you want it let me know.
PS: We think it tastes load better than the shop breads and it's much cheaper.
I make a gf flat bread but would love to be able to make a loaf but I am yeast free too.
If I could churn out of a bread maker a gf yeast free bread I would be really tempted to get a small one.
I only know GF bread with yeast.
It uses yeast and Xanthum gum, I've no idea if it would work with extra xanthum gum instread. And I can't experiment at the mo as my bread maker's recently broken :(

sorry I can't help
I use PureBred, which is sold in Coles in Australia. Some Woolworths have them, but not all.

It does list Canola Oil way down in the ingredients list, and yeast and egg white.

The Sat fat is 0.2g per serving size ( 2 slices).

I was using Country Life, but they changed formula ( and to an inconvenient packaging) and it was still gluten free, but they had added in milk, so I changed.

Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
I do have a bread maker (in a packing box somewhere), it doesn't have a gf function though. My son is anaphylactic to wheat and gluten so I have made him bread, however I have found other gf breads he can eat so to save myself the effort have purchased that. Most of it appears to be quite bland, hence why I was asking.

I'd love a recipe Glenda_ so I can give it a try given it looks like both my son and I will be eating it now. I usually make my son's bread in the oven as I didn't really like the way the bread maker made the loaf.

Thanks JaniceB, will look out for PureBred, haven't seen it here in our Coles.
here's the recipe, I'll post it in the recipe forum too:

My bread machine dosen't have a GF setting, so I just use the standard setting. It doesn't brown well so choosing 'dark' crust helps. I imagine machines vary from brand to brand so you may need to tweak the ingreadients a bit to suit yours. tbs=tablespoon=15ml, tps=teaspoon=5ml.

Gluten Free Bread Machine Loaf

• 1 Tbs EVOlive Oil
• ½ Tbs vinegar (eg red wine vinegar)
• white of 1 large egg
• 2 tps salt
• 2 Tbs sugar
• 1 pint tepid water
• 12 oz rice flour
• 6 oz millet or sorghum flour (or just use rice flour if you don’t have/like these)
• 1 Tbs and 1 tsp xanthan gum
• 1 Tbs and 1 tsp dried yeast
• Optional; seeds, fruit etc.

1. Add ingredients to machine pan in the order listed..
2. Select 900g or ‘large’ loaf and colour ‘dark’.
3. Press go
Thank you for sharing
I may go and investigate a small cheap bread machine and play
Thanks Glenda_, I'll have to see how I go with the recipe. I have to find a replacement for the egg so I might have a few disaster loaves until I find what works for us :-)
I made a loaf last night with flour, rice milk, onion seeds and I grated 1 apple into the rice milk before adding to the flour.
Actually made a much better then I thought loaf but this morning I forgot to cover over night was very hard so had to bin it but it was promising.
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