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I have never been a huge bread eater but always had whole wheat in cereal or pasta. When I was diagnosed with MS and started to change my diet, I tried going gluten free just purely because I read that it helped some people. (Going gluten free DID cure me of having this bumpy skin on the back o my upper thighs that normally would need exfoliation and lotion to help..that isn't a problem anymore.) However, once in awhile when I've had gluten because of choices in a restaurant or at someone's house, I have had it really bother my stomach! (Diarrhea at times). Is this because I'm truly gluten intolerant or have I become gluten intolerant after not having it for awhile? Anyone experience this? I frankly would like to eat it sometimes and lately i can't seem to! :( (never had this problem previously).
So weird! Am experiencing the same as Your post came up..had some nan bread yesterday and been experiencing cramps and diarrhoea today.. I am not eating gluten these days at all, but only became strict about it few months ago..but I had a positive experience many years ago..

Well I hope either way, you are feeling better soon! I'm wondering if this is just coincidence and it is a virus but who knows :(
Hi Leanne,

It is hard to know if your problem is with gluten or with something else. A lot of breads contain sulfites which can cause diarrhea, cramps, etc. too I think you would have to eat a very simple food with gluten and no additives to know what's really happening. Good luck!

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