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Hi Friends;

I've just started seeing an Integrative Doctor who wants me to do a gluten Test - 2 weeks gluten free and then a few days with lots of gluten. I know that GF is not necessarily a part of OMS, but I am keen to do this just to test myself out.

So - I'm looking for meal ideas that fit both the GF and OMS models. I think I'll be OK with lunches and dinners, but I may struggle with breakfasts. At the moment I have raisin toast with flax oil and alternate this with muesli (rolled oats, sultanas, dried fruit) with almond milk and frozen berries. If rolled oats are OK (are they?) then this may suffice, otherwise I'm lost. I generally need more than just fruit for breakfast and don't have a lot of time as I leave early-ish for work and also have a little one to get out the door.

I would love to hear of suggestions from people who follow both GF and OMS diets.

CB :)
some ideas;
GF toast, or rice (cold, cooked the night before), or potato 'baked' in the microwave,
with pate made from lentils and herbs etc, tin of sardines/tuna/anchovies, dahl (made the day before, hot or cold), baked beans

If you've a breadmaker, take a look at the recipe section - I posted a GF recipe a few months ago

If you fry, but not so quick ...
Gram flour pancake (Gram flour, salt, spices, mix, then add tin or chopped tomatoes, mix, then add water to get right consistancy), shallow fry over low heat, flip, fry

Leftovers from dinner the night before (not that I often have any as I ususlly eat everything!)

Kedgeree, cook everything the night before, reheat and throw together in the morning.

There a debate about Oats, i think they're not usually considered GF due to possible contamination during processing - I've read different elsewhere so can't be sure. You can buy GF Oats if you wish.

Hpoe that helps
You can buy oats prepared in a dedicated factory and grown in deicated fields and harvested by dedicated machines.
I am also gluten free and I love quinoa porridge with pure cinnamon with raisins, or sultanas, prunes, pear, topped with chopped banana. I pour a little flaxseed oil over it after cooking. Yum.

The other breaky I love is an egg white omelette. Although I only have this occasionally as a special treat. I cut up kale or spinich, onion and a little smoked salmon and sprinkle it on top of the egg white and put lid on to steam a little then fold in half. You could add tomato but I don't eat a lot of night shade foods so I don't often add these.

Also Buckwheat is a non gluten grain. Make a buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice flour and cinnamon pancake mix. Just add equal quantities of each or if you have leftover quinoa porridge add buckwheat flour with sultanas or fruit of choice and water. Play around with mixture consistency as what fruit you add makes a difference. Add a little more Buckwheat flour if they are not binding well. I like to add grated pear or sultanas to sweaten. Add blueberries but cut them in half as they will sit up from pancake and burn in the pan. Add grated pear or prune juice if you need help with elimination. If you know what I mean!

I try not to use any preservative products so the pancakes are not fluffy but they are yum with a chopped banana or crushed fresh pineapple or berries on top and a pour of my 1/2 organic maple syrup and flaxseed oil mix.

These are my staples. The gluten free breads you can buy have other things in them, usually veggie oils and preservatives that I personally don't want to consume and they seem to stick in your throat anyway. Make your own gluten free bread is best. See the Quirky Cooking site for more ideas.

I am so not a cook, it has been a lot of trial and error. I did an elimination and reintroduce of gluten in my diet just after my diagnosis 3 years ago and I have a horrible pain in my left lateral region that seems to flair when I eat some gluten foods and when I am over tired or stressed so I think that with me these 3 things set off the inflammatory action in my body.

Different for everyone I know. But just something I have worked out over time by listening to my body that effects me!

Listen to your body as some signs are not immediate. It's a bit tricky but closely note how you feel and how body bits work.

I hope these recipe ideas help.

Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
I tend to have GF oats or a green smoothie for breakfast. Yesterday was a fresh veggie juice which was surprisingly filling. With the oats, I vary the milk (soy or rice) and toppings so I don't get bored.

I will be trying all the ideas above!
I'm intolerant to gluten, so I'm doing OMS gluten-free.
Green smoothies make a great "first breakfast", but I usually have to top up with a "second breakfast" around 11am - this is usually a small salad with seeds/nuts mixed in or a few pieces of fruit with a handful of almonds.
I only use so-called "gluten-free oats" but I've recently also discovered quinoa flakes. You can make a decent muesli using quinoa flakes, g.f. oats, Om-3 rich seeds - coarse ground for easier digestion - and served with some berries and almond milk. Yum makes me wish every meal-time was breakfast time!
Good luck :)
1 part steel cut oats, 2parts water, 1t brown sugar, raisins-turn on high, pack your lunch and turn off heat/put in a thermos w/pecans and some flax seed oil. The oats cook a little more in the thermos and you don't really notice the oil. 1/3 to 1/2c oats is sufficient.

For a treat, same recipe w/white quinoa and almond milk w/a little vanilla. Multicolored quinoa is good, but it gets in your teeth like crazy! I say treat bc quinoa is $6.50/lb compared to $1.80/lb

You can preload the saucepan the night before to save time.

Also, not fast, but I live by green smoothies for both morning & afternoon snack.
Oats have their own kind of gluten (gliadian - spelling?) which is different to wheat gluten but some people can't handle it.
You need to ask the person doing the tests if they want oats or not in your exclusion.
Millet, rice flakes, quinoa flakes, buck wheat flakes can mix and make muslie with dried fruit etc.
Chia pudding is a great one to try.

2 teaspoons chia seeds
2/3 cup almond or other milk
Shake up in a sealed container or jar for a minute or so to make sure the seeds are separated then leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can add honey, cinnamon/nutmeg, ground flax seeds, other nuts or seeds, and some fruit on top. Mmm.
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