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Ive been having increased stomach pains, bloating and over the last few weeks sickness and unbearable stomach pains at night. Ive noticed its when i eat bread, pasta etc during the day. Ive started a gluten free diet but ive been reading that it has no health benefits and gluten free foods contain alot more fat? Are gluten free breads, flour etc recommended on oms? I read the labels and they all usually contain a long list of processed ingredients. Would love some input?

I eat gluten free but I haven't really substituted many GF products. Instead of pasta I use my spiralizer and make courgette spaghetti or butternut or sweet potato. I use Tamari sauce instead of soy sauce. I don't eat cakes or biscuits but I do keep a Nakd bar in my bag in case I get hungry while I'm out. I do buy the very occasional loaf of Genius GF bread which is 0.1g of sat fat per slice. Yes, there is a longer list of ingredients compared to homemade bread which is why it is an infrequent purchase.

I'm not sure if the different GF flours have an impact on OMS?
Processed foods are too be avoided anyway and gf processed foods have generally a shocking list of ingredients.
I am gf but I don't buy any commercial processed goods I changed what and how I eat.
I eat some oats that are grown and prepared in a none wheat environment.
Gluten Free is possible, but has not been defined as necessary for all individuals. I avoid non-organic foods most of the time, also use brown rice prepared fresh with various meals, which is a Gluten free alternative. Though I do still use oats for breakfast. I was advised by my Natural Medicine Doctor to avoid foods that leave you weaker after eating, example Diary put me to sleep, not good, also not apart of the OMS Diet.

Avoid the processed foods, there is Gluten free bread flour that you can use in a bread machine. FRESH FOODS (non-processed foods) taste so much better and are advised as apart of the OMS diet.
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