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Hello - I was diagnosed with ppms in 2013 and have been following the oms program pretty much from the start. Recently I tested very high for mercury and was advised to limit my seafood intake, although I do not eat tuna, swordfish, mahi mahi, etc. Also, 2 doctors recently suggested I give up all food products with gluten as it's inflammatory.

I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has encountered either one of these concerns, or has any insights to share. Also, I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with ppms experience and whether the oms program is working for them or someone you know, whether pro or con.


Richard K
Professor Jelinek has said that there is very little evidence linking mercury with MS. He has also said that selenium binds to mercury and hastens its excretion. The highest concentration of selenium in any food is found in brazil nuts, so high in fact, that it is recommended not to eat too many. He eats 5 or 6 brazil nuts a day and carefully chooses his seafood.

There's a Diet FAQ on gluten, that there is not enough evidence to make a recommendation to avoid gluten.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/

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You could always have a test for gluten sensitivity/intolerance - as many of the symptoms of ceiac disease are similar to MS - or do what I did and just take a couple of months off gluten - when I started it again I felt so tired that I stopped eating it for good - I think the gluten issue really depends on the individual person - but if you are not sensitive you are lucky because it is a real nuisance going gluten free, it is quite restrictive, not to mention expensive.
Hi Richard,

I have RRMS and have been running the gamut of alternative therapies to see if they help, in addition to doing OMS of course. I had a heavy metals urine test under the supervision of a naturopath and tested high for various heavy metals including mercury, arsenic and gadolinium.

I had never heard of gadolinium, but it is in the contrast agent used with MRIs, so it important to know that we are taking in heavy metals when we have MRIs with contrast agent.

Whilst I don't know exactly where the mercury in my system came from, before OMS I ate very little fish (and had the heavy metals test only a few months after starting OMS and increasing the fish in my diet). I therefore think that it is far more likely that the mercury came from two sources - the mercury in inoculations/jabs, and my mercury-amalgam fillings. Whilst I had those fillings removed a number of years ago, I didn't know that you should find a specialist/holistic dentist to do this, so quite a bit of mercury could have ended up in my bloodstream.

I am 2/3rds of the way through my Naturopath's recommended heavy metals detox programme. Whilst I don't feel any better, my MS fatigue is pretty much all pervading so nothing seems to make me feel that much better at the moment.

As for gluten, I accept the Professor's view on gluten and MS, but also wanted to know whether I was gluten intolerant more generally. I have experimented with giving up gluten for a month and felt no different, either during the month or when I started eating gluten again. As I still wasn't sure, I had some Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) testing done by my cranial osteopath/acupuncturist. I tested stronger for gluten-free oats and wheat compared to their gluten-containing equivalents, so have given up gluten. I also then tested stronger for organic gluten-free oats compared to non-organic gluten-free oats.

I intend to have various other organic/non-organic things tested against each other (e.g. fruit/wine), and tap water against mineral water. Again, nothing specifically to do with MS as such, more general health.

Thanks for your responses, which I greatly appreciate. Of course I missed the faq on both subjects, and will look into the selenium connection since I also tested very high for that metal which seems counterintuitive based on its role as something that hastens mercury excretion. There's a lot of info and opinions out there (celiac testing, just had it; kinesiologist, seeing one; mris w/ contrast, had many) so it's helpful to hear about the experiences of other omsers to try and make some sense of it all.

Thanks again, and best of luck doing WIT!

My partner and I are gluten free we identified he has intolerance (not celiac) but immune system skin based. I don't eat wheat products as I see it as a new food and won't touch it now to test reaction but I do know my intestines are happier with out it. I don't buy any commercialised gluten free products like bread these can also be expensive. We do eat oats.
I read recently that the body gets rid of heavy metals in significant amounts through the sweat glands. Regular saunas and the avoidance of anti-perspirants (which block the glands) were recommended.
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