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I have recently been reading the articles and video information on NutritionFacts.org about gluten sensitivity. Evidently some cases could be attributable to sensitivity to wheat and not to the gluten itself. Apart from people with coeliac disease, there are people who it is thought could be gluten sensitive – although nobody understands the mechanism by which this happens. What is evidently true is that adopting a gluten-free diet without cause could be harmful. Please see the following:
http://nutritionfacts.org/2016/02/23/ho ... e-harmful/
‘You are, through your soul not your body, a human being’.
And who is the sponsor for the article?
I'm wheat and corn free. My partner has an identified wheat sensitivity we clearly identified, that is our conclusive reason to avoid wheat.
We eat oats grown and harvested etc. By celiac approved producers.
Hi veg, I do not doubt that you may have problems with gluten or wheat. I can only sympathise with you if you do.

There are no self-interested sponsors. It is a non-profit organisation set up by Dr Michael Greger who (along with some volunteers) reads all the nutritional literature published and provides, cost free, advice based on the thousands of research articles produced each year. He advocates a whole food, plant-based diet very similar to the OMS diet we follow on this site.

If you have read the article it does not say there is no such thing as gluten or wheat sensitivity (in fact it clearly says that there is evidence that gluten or wheat sensitivity exists for a number of people. He says that it is essential that people with coeliac disease, or gluten or wheat sensitivity, should avoid these foods. What he is saying is that people following such a diet who do not need to, should consider the fact that gluten or gluten-free grains are good for your health.
‘You are, through your soul not your body, a human being’.
Having read the article some time ago, i would like to ecco msphil,
Dr Greger, his work and website is quite unique and informative for people on a WFPBD. Can't be recommended enough for people who follow OMS. The scientific approach for what constitutes a good diet in generally is very similar to what George has done for diet related to MS in particular.
I am celiac and agree that the diet can be harmful if you only eat all the processed gluten free food, it is full of fat and sugar. If we are eating as the OMS diet recommends we dont eat that sort of food. There are still lots of good gluten free options. Love my brown rice instead of breakfast cereal, quinoa is yummy, I make gluten free muffins with tapioca, soy, millet, besan and sorghum flour. You can still eat a plant based wholefood diet.
^ exactly. Commercial gluten/wheat free products are generally just nasty but we aren't eating them anyway as are highly processed with not a lot or any whole food left.
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