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I was interested to know IF Dr. Jelinek updated/altered his position on Gluten in his latest book.

bbennett , has he updated / altered his position on gluten?
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Gluten is discussed on pp. 108-9 of the latest book and the highlighted conclusion is that:
"There is insufficient evidence to recommend excluding gluten from the diets of people with MS".

Set against that, I have just finished watching Episode 4 of the Betrayal video ( http://www.betrayalseries.com ) and the medical practitioners who are interviewed on the programme are in complete agreement that:

a) everyone with an auto-immune disease has a leaky gut
b) no human being is designed to eat wheat & gluten. We are all on a spectrum with varying levels of wheat/gluten sensitivity - coeliacs at one end, and people with no apparent reaction at the other.
c) if one has an auto-immune disease, wheat & gluten should be the first thing to eliminate to restore gut health.

The advice from the practitioners of functional medicine who were interviewed on the programme was to give up wheat & gluten for 1-3 months and see how you feel.

Quite a few OMSers already follow a gluten-free diet - they are clearly one step ahead of the game!
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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D

Jette, I started watching the series and lost all sound on my laptop, so disappointing.
I have given it up in the past and never had a problem when starting it again. Of course, I never gave it up for 3 months... I suppose one can have leaky gut with no obvious symptoms? other than ms...
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Here's my immediate reaction to the video series you just posted...

There is no information about the video on the page's link except to the doctor who put it out there - Dr. Tom O'Bryan. This is always a concern of mine and raises red flags as to the motivation behind such a project. So, I did a search about this doctor and discovered there is a lot of pro and a lot of con regarding him - again a red flag as to why would someone have so many hits in google. If you visit his page - another red flag theDr..com (really, that seems a bit self-indulgent) - you will discover a page all about him and the products you can purchase from him. To me, this is a guy only interested in promoting himself and not necessarily real science! This approach contrasts dramatically with the position Professor Jelinek takes, which is only based on scientific evidence.

Oh course, many people have discovered some relief in cutting back or eliminating gluten. OMS fully supports this as it is up to everyone to formulate your own strategy. I think the most important move is basing your decisions on informed information and avoiding all of the misleading information currently flooding the internet!

Best of luck on your recovery...
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Jack, I fully share your reservations about Dr O'Bryan. And whilst the videos series is initially made available for free, the motivation of $$$ soon becomes all too evident. I also have many issues with the production of the video series itself.

BUT it does include quite in-depth interviews with microbiologists and practitioners of functional medicine who really do seem to know their stuff. I have found some of these interviews very interesting, and a spur to look up the individuals themselves (Kiran Krishnan, Michael Ash, David Brady, Jeffrey Bland, Peter Hanaway etc etc) and explore their work further.

It surely cannot hurt to keep an open mind - the OMS slogan, after all, is 'Whatever it Takes'!
The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D

I am following the series and finding it very interesting. I didn't get the feel at all that $$ was the motivation. It has been free to start and a choice to purchase series if you want to support them, price was reasonable I thought. I won't buy it though because I can get the info from my Intergrated GP.

I have never been a gluten free supporter despite my Intergrated GP putting the pressure on. Im happy in light of the series have another discussion with her. I am interested in the genetic testing they mentioned.

The leaky gut/autoimmunity is what is happening when we eat dairy.

I thought they shared some very interesting info and it wouldn't harm if you want to look into it further while maintaining the OMS guidelines. Like everything else, use common sense and gather all the evidence before coming to your own conclusion.
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Hi all,

I watched the first three episodes.

I'm not saying there couldn't be some validity to the material, but the sales tactics, the fact that it's only avaiIble "for a limited time" and then it's miraculously extended, the pressure to spread the word, etc., are clear red flags to me.

They are selling. Caveat emptor, OMSers.

Be well,
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