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Hello Everyone,

Prof. Jelinek recommends all grains, including wheat, as part of the OMS diet in his book. I live in the US (Seattle - high incidence of MS). When I started on the recovery journey in June, 2015 I began with dr. Terry Wahls' protocol, which meant no gluten, no dairy, but lots of fruits, veggies, meat, and coconut oil. I improved but still had persistent symptoms. Then I switched to dr. Amy Myers' protocol, which was very similar to the Wahls Protocol (fruit, veggies, lots of meat, coconut oil, no gluten) but easier to follow. I felt Ok, but still had symptoms.
Then in January of 2016 I discovered prof. Jelinek and OMS program and that brought a huge change in my health. I am symptom free, I follow the OMS diet and I find it so easy and natural that it's effortless. However, I am still gluten free, as gluten is considered the #1 enemy in USA.
Of course I was tested for antibodies, and didn't show any gluten intolerance, but according to functional medicine doctors like Dr. Myers & Dr. Wahls gluten is bad because of molecular mimicry, it can look like casein and can trigger the immune system to respond to it as if it was dairy.
I tried to reintroduce it and a few days later I had slight symptoms come back, but then they went away. I can't be sure whether it was related to gluten or not. I understand that gluten in the US and Australia might be different, it is even different in West and East Coast of the US.

What is your experience with gluten?
Hi Tedi,

I am also gluten free. My understanding is that it can damage the intestinal lining, leading to gut permeability (leaky gut) and allow larger molecules to enter the blood stream. This can then send your immune response into overdrive and lead to autoimmunity.

There are other proteins in wheat that also cause problems. So I avoid it.
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Thank you, LadyBug41, for bringing up leaky gut! It's a very important issue, and very closely related to gluten. When I was diagnosed I tested positive for leaky gut and it took a while to heal it with diet changes, stress reduction, supplements, etc.
I am confused why OMC diet allows it. When I discuss it with my friends in Europe they insist it's an American fad gaining popularity in Europe as well. Clearly some people, like prof. Jelinek, do just fine eating wheat, so while for now I'm still totally gluten free I wonder whether perhaps the amount of gluten matters?
I was on the Autoimmune Paleo protocol for three+ years and I phobically avoided gluten. Neither gluten-free or the AIP prevented relapses for me. I had my first/worst relapse following GF/AIP to the letter. I was on OMS for several months and GF for several years when I made the decision to reintroduce gluten. No symptoms. None. I feel as wondeful as I ever have eating a vegan veggie filled diet with a daily sprouted muffin, and a beer three times a week, etc.

Listen to your body. Don't let the Paleo "experts" dissuade you from listening to the science of OMS and your own intuition. Terry Wahls is a sample size of 1. No one has experienced the same miracle remission story she has following her protocil. OMS has science and numbers much much larger to recommend it . AIP and Meyers and all the Paleo folks pick and choose the science to suit their views. Take for example lectins. They tar beans as poison and yet they eat handful after handful of nuts like they are going out of style. Nuts are as high or higher in "gut perforating" anti-nutrients than beans. Lectins and phytates have health promoting anticancer properties and would probably be of benefit to the those AIP folks with their meat heavy diets.

I say what I say as strongly as I say it because my health was sinking like a rock on AIP. OMS has given me my life and health back, while mindfully enjoying gluten containing foods on the daily.

My two cents. In health,
Astrid - Midwest US. Diagnosed 2006, OMS June 2016
Thank you for your comment, Astrid. Interesting point about drs Wahls and Myers. I avoided beans for a long time because they said they are bad. I reintroduced them when I started OMS diet and I love them! They don't cause any symptoms for me. I eat them in moderation, soak them and enjoy them.
Autoimmune Paleo protocol didn't work for me, I just didn't like having meatballs for breakfast (I was never a big meat eater before), and coconut oil all day long, but I followed it for a long time and dealt with the symptoms. I'm so glad I came across OMS. Btw. I heard about Swank for the first time from a nurse who trained me on using the DMD I take. No neurologist, no naturopath mentioned his name. The neurologists said right away that diet doesn't matter, only DMDs work, so no surprise here, but the fact that naturopaths don't even mention Swank is very surprising to me. His work was groundbreaking and so is prof. Jelinek's.
So thank you for your opinion and encouragement with gluten. I wonder if leaky gut is caused not just by gluten but by a "perfect storm", a combination of gluten with dairy, stress, etc. If very intense exercise can cause leaky gut then maybe there is more to it and stress factor plays a big role. Anyway, I'm just thinking aloud here.
Congrats on getting your health back!
I guess because there hasn't been a link between MS and gluten, there is no evidence that it causes any harm. BUT there is evidence of leaky gut and gluten and that's enough for me. Who knows, George's next book might have more information?

I agree with the Wahls Protocol... not enough of a sample size for me. Although I do try to eat nutrient dense whole plant foods low in saturated fat, which I think is key to health.
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Before I started OMS I was off wheat gluten and dairy for a few months. I have not had either for over a year. What I discovered straight away was an end to the constipation I have had for most of my life.Also gramps I had with my periods have mostly gone. I do feel the giving up dairy had a benificial impact but also the giving up of gluten.

Good point, Valley. When I cut out gluten and dairy way before joining OMS, I noticed that the sinus problems I had for years (sinus infections, terrible sinus headaches) completely disappeared. But I think it's because of cutting out dairy not gluten. When I reintroduced dairy as an experiment my sinuses responded right away. Also after cutting out dairy and gluten my skin cleared out, weird rashes disappeared, but then again I suspect it was dairy that was causing it.
I am not advocating for gluten here, I'm afraid of it because of the strong opinions of doctors I've mentioned before, Wahls and Myers, but I am on the fence because I trust OMS and prof. Jelinek. OMS really turned my health around, so I should have no reason to mistrust gluten and grains in general. I also understand that when the leaky gut has healed some people can eat gluten again. I know no one has a 100% answer because everyone is different but it's a big step to take after being off of it for so long.
Astrid, would you mind sharing how long have you been back on gluten and feeling well?
I have complete faith in the programme also, but for me I do think I am intolerant of gluten. Looking back I was always a big bread eater probably more than dairy. Giving up gluten for me compliments the programme. I know that I would feel totally bloated after gluten. I know I do not feel like that anymore. This programme is great, however people may have a gluten intolerance separately. That really does depend on the individual.

If you can, watch the documentary called "What's with wheat?" Its very enlightening.
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
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