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Thank you, LadyBug41. It sounds very interesting, I'l purchase it soon. I've read many books, like Grain Brain, articles, watched PBS specials, etc. so I know that, at least in the US, wheat is not what it used to be, it's GMO, and since it's in everything it overwhelms a human body and wreaks havoc on people's health. That's why I've been gluten free. However, those authors who are against gluten push on the paleo diet, and I don't quite understand paleo diet. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate a lot of meat and no grains but they were constantly on the move, they were not sitting on couches in front of computers. No matter how much we exercise we won't match their lifestyle. They spent their energy differently, they also lived in a colder climate, not in comfortable houses or apartments, their nutritional needs were different. I don't believe that introducing grains in neolithic period was the beginning of health problems for people. There was a different lifespan, but that involves many factors like access to antibiotics, etc. Diseases like MS were unknown. I understand that the modern day gluten causes a lot of problems because of it's connection with neurotoxins (and the biggest evil Monsanto). But with such extensive research as HOLISM why wouldn't be gluten crossed out from OMS diet?
I have been consuming gluten for about six or seven months with no ill effects after a no gluten for four or so years. My health has continued to improve on OMS despite regular consumption of gluten, but i am careful about the types of gluten I consume and how often I consume them.

I think over-hybridized, modern wheat in the form of highly processed breads and junk food is a disaster for health. I avoid foods of that type like the plague. Instead, I eat sprouted Ezekiel muffins each morning with almond-based cream cheese and I relish drinking a super hoppy pale ale several times a week. These experiences are deeply pleasurable to me and provide me a lot of happiness. My consumption of gluten containing foods is mindful and selective. I pretty much abhor fear mongering. The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, whose proponents include Wahls, Meyers and the PaleoMom advocate such restriction. I know this is how I intrepreted their message but it disordered my relationship to food to such an extent that I was approaching a legitimate eating disorder. And it didn't improve my MS. OMS has basically not only given me back my health, but has opened the door to enjoying food again, to reexaming my relationship with eating food as joyful, as enjoyable, as health creating where disease once existed.

Gluten intolerance that cannot be definitively diagnosed from blood tests sells a lot of books precisely because doctors - those modern day shamans - have decimated the trust we have in our own bodies and in our ability to determine what messages our bodies send us in response to different stimuli, be they food, drugs or what have you.

That said and I don't know if you like Dr.Greger, but he is a rock star in my eyes second only to Dr. Jelinek. Here is a video that explains his position on gluten containing foods.



It's not clear cut. I wish you luck in.making the best decision for yourself.

In Health,
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Could whether or not you can eat gluten come down to how bad your leaky gut is? Could it be that simple. Some of us at this point in time can't handle coffee, some can, some can handle alcohol others can't, some on here love there grains others get a reaction to them. Could it really be that simple? As i work my way through the diet maze i'm finding more and more foods that contribute or inflame a leaky gut cause me trouble yet others on here can get away with it.
Hi everyone,

just my quick two cents:

I do eat gluten. After going without for a year (I was a big pasta/bread eater before that), I reintroduced it slowly. I do no eat wheat though as it does not agree with me anymore. Have had no issues with wholegrain/wholemeal sourdough organic spelt or rye. I am a big bread eater again :-)

PS. I also tried the Wahls diet (only first step, as having been a vegetarian since I was a kid, the idea of eating meat just made me sick). BIG fail for me. (No energy and my LDL cholesterol went through the roof because of the coconut oil, I have had very low levels all my life prior and I am back to my previous levels now).

Like many others, I really think it is an individual choice. Listen to your body and feed it what it needs to feel good :D
Very interesting conversation. Some great points.
I gave up gluten and dairy the day of my diagnosis, just over one year ago.
It wasn't because of anything I heard or read; it was all instinctual.
Everything I've read since has confirmed that I made the right decision by following my instincts.
However, the greatest measurement gage is based on how I feel today. I feel lighter. I no longer feel like I need to nap after a meal,
I'm not gluten intolerant, however; it was the best thing I did. Overall, I just feel better and healthier or doing so.
I just watched the documentary "What's with wheat" which LadyBug recommended - thank you! It's very interesting and although I've read a lot about gluten I learned a few things. I am actually going to experiment with sourdough rye bread. :)
What I didn't like about the movie was that it was promoting paleo diet as the one and only choice. All featured speakers have an agenda promoting paleo and I thought they were a bit fear mongering. I love food and I don't want to be afraid of it - that's why I like OMS, I like making healthy choices and know that I'm taking care of my body.
Roundup is a real problem for our agriculture but they kept talking about it only in connection with wheat. It is used on other crops too, and as we all should try eating as much organic as possible, we get exposed to it one way or the other.
I thought the information about raw milk helping digest gluten was very interesting. No, I'm not going to have milk but I thought it was a great illustration of how our food became disconnected.
Anyway, it was a good watch, I recommend it!
Tedi, I agree that the film was paleo centered and the information was sensationalised. But the information on leaky gut and links with gluten is interesting. We eat more wheat than we ever did and it's been bred to contain even more gluten, because that's what people like, soft fluffy white bread. The sourdough process breaks down more of the proteins, including gluten, so is often a better choice.

Astrid, I agree, Dr Greger is a legend. Have you seen What the health? He mentions MS in the film.
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LadyBug, yes, the information about leaky gut and how modern wheat contributes to it is very important. I liked the clear and simple explanation of the process in the movie. I wonder when allopathic doctors are going to start taking this condition seriously. For now, at least in the US, only naturopathic doctors diagnose it, test for it, and help their patients heal with the diet and lifestyle changes.
Wow, I just watched the documentary "What the health". Thank you, LadyBug, for recommending it!
Here is a link to a free version on youtube:
I personally think healing a leaky gut might be the answer. I'm thinking of going back in that direction diet wise as i struggle with grains even whole ones. Most foods they say contribute to a leaky gut i also have problems with. Be nice if its that simple hey.
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