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Hi, I was diagnoses with PPMS in 2005 so came home in shock and studied the whole MS thing on the internet. Since that period I avoided eating : red meat (esp: beef), legumes, dairy, tea and coffee, alcohol, and eventually discovered that sugar was extremely bad for me. Sugar and its variants - honey, agave etc, - all give me Urinary Tract Infections. So I avoid these at all costs. EVEN fruit can be too sweet so I only eat 2 green apples a day. The last time I was sick with a UTI, I ended up in hospital with a blood pressure reading of 75 over 44. So am very frightened that any future bout of illness could kill me - hence am very strict about diet and NO sugars at all.

My doctor had me read Prof George Jelinek's newest book and - that is so good. After reading it and 2 of the others he recommended (Your Life In Your Hands and The China Study) I decided to become vegan. After all, I was nearly doing it anyway so how hard could it be?? Well......... whoopee, the first staggering result was that I no longer get up for that nightly toilet run to urinate. Oh, this is so good as it means that I sleep 7 to 8 hours per night and so does my dear husband!!! It (following the vegan diet) has only been 2 weeks so far and so I am curious as to what other improvements I get. I am half beginning to think that my bladder is beginning to relax and hold more fluid .... but early days so far.

For your journey with MS - if you are newly diagnosed - please, please, please take the diet recommendations seriously. Good luck to you all.

What amazing Dr to give that book advice :-)
I too have to watch sugar, unrefined is more tolerable.
I don't get actual UTIs just agrevated bladder and symptom flare, fresh pineapple particularily bad.
Glencoe Sandie wrote: Hi, I was diagnoses with PPMS in 2005

Not wishing to throw a spanner in the works of your dietary commitments, but have you heard of Dr. Terry Wahls?
Minding Your Mitochondria: Dr. Terry Wahls at TEDxIowaCity
More from Terry Wahls on YouTube
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