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Diagnosed with MS over 25 years ago. Just discovered OMS and have been on diet for 10 days. I am suprised you can have Pasta (carbs) and I think sorbet. Shouldn'y I be concerned with the sugar in sorbet.
Hi Jeffc,

Great that you've started OMS. And isn't it nice to enjoy things like pasta and sorbet?

The OMS diet is a "Whole Food" plant-based diet, as well as a low saturated fat diet. Therefore, it is best to use wholemeal pasta most of the time.

Most sorbets are made with refined sugar, so they are not whole foods. It is okay to occasionally indulge in such a treat, but best to most of the time choose recipes that don't contain refined ingredients. Honey, agave nectar, maple syrup are often used for sweetness, as well as dates and bananas. Look through the recipe section here and you will find many appropriate recipes.


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Thank you for the quick and thorough answer. I realize it will take me some time before I fully understand the "program".
Blitz 1 mango and 1 ripe banana and freeze, i freeze in silicon 6 muffin tray and pop out once frozen makes a nice ice fruit.

Wheat/gluten only needs avoiding if a personal sensitivity identified.

Refined sugar should be avoided by everyone regardless of MS or not, and ready processed too, but everyone has different tollerance either physically or mentaly.

The China Study is a good supporting read.
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