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Hi, I was using icing sugar for cakes and realised nothing been mentioned about using icing sugar...at least to my knowledge! Is it still ok to have icing as a treat?
It is a refined sugar so as little as possible is best (no refined sugar is better) . Only you know how often you eat it. Sugar is inflammatory.
If i must use sugar i always use unrefined.
I use a small amount of icing sugar occasionally; the amount you eat on an individual biscuit for example is very small - when I went to the OMS seminar in Brighton, where George presented, the food was offered as 'OMS friendly' so I've used those recipes from time to time. The banana cake used icing sugar and maple syrup for example:


I no longer eat the type of icing on a Christmas cake for example but a small amount of icing sugar should be OK.

Take care, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Many thanks for your reply, that's what I do with icing sugars - lightly on top of biscuits or cakes. Will use unrefined from now on.
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