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Hi All,

Just wondering is Coca Cola a huge no no??
I've noticed a lot of people are still drinking coffee and wine on the OMS diet.
I don't like either and never drink them.

But is the occasional coca cola ok? It's my one vice and feel (whether it's right or wrong) that I'm entitled to it as I'll be being so strict with everything else. So just wondering, I know it's not healthy, but is it ok to have occasionally as I don't drink alcohol or coffee?

Thank you,
P.S- I'm 23 and probably still in denial. I just feel like it's unrealistic to think that for the next 50+ years that I'll never have a coke. That probably sounds stupid :)
I'm ashamed to tell you that prior to diagnosis I drank 6-8 Diet Cokes a day. Horrible!

After embracing the diet and "giving up so much", I had talked myself into allowing 2 regular Cokes per week...

...and the strangest thing has happened the past couple of weeks...they just don't taste good anymore. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not going to drink anymore ever again, but the last couple of Cokes have just tasted TOO Sweet and had a very artificial flavor to them like I could taste the chemicals.

The last time I cheated and tried a meatball that my wife made had the same effect...I chewed a few times and it just didn't taste right so I spit it out into the sink.

So I would say that you shouldn't stress over drinking a Coke now and then, but make sure that you are continually making better OMS choices as you go.

Last night, I sat down to play cards with a 16 oz glass of fresh squeezed orange juice...it was awesome!

Take Care,

Very wise words Matt. As healthy food choices become a good habit, your tastes do change which makes the diet really easy. Good habits are just as difficult to break as bad habits. Very good podcast from ProfessorJelinek on Habits
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ral/?p=719

Coke and other sodas are OK to have occasionally but are not healthy food choices. Actually not food at all!
Thanks Wendy and Matt!!
Yes obviously I know it's not healthy and hopefully It will have the same effect on me Matt.
It's silly, I just wanted to know if I could still occasionally have one :)
Thanks for your answers!!
We are not saying you can, it is your choice, just sharing what we have experienced to help you make your choice :-)
I don't do coke at all now far too sweet and just tastes wrong let alone makes my legs go weak as does lemonade, plain soda water I can manage.
I used a coke every day for many, many years. I "had" to drink it.
Since about 3 years I never drink a coke ever. No artificial sugars at all.
It has been no problem whatever. You get used to it.

Needed to clarify...

I thought my first post was a little pretentious.

I must confess that although I stopped the coke, the Johnny Walker still tastes very good, and while I don't drink more than two a night, it is certainly not on the approved list.

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