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Hello All

Contradicting comments with regards to sugar on here.

In Prof George's book can only see replacing refined sugar with honey. However he does have jam on his toast!

I only add sugar on my cereal or porridge. Appreciate that sugars are in lots of other things also. Ketchup and fruit juice to name but two, so you need to be seriously strict to eliminate sugar from regular daily products.

Like most things a reduction of sugar intake would be a good thing but do I need to cut it virtually right out?

Im presuming not?

I've started to make cakes - chocolate brownie is favourite at the moment but im just conscious of the sugar content going into them. 6oz of caster sugar.

Would appreciate clarification as always.

dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
If I must use sugar in a recipe I only use unrefined molasses mainly over unrefined castor
As I have pretty much no processed foods I don't come across sugar otherwise.
Sugar is inflammatory
Hi Steve

Try your porridge and cereal with honey or fruit to sweeten it, rather than using sugar.

I have porridge with honey most mornings!

There is an excellent black bean chocolate brownie recipe on here. I use 1/4 cup unrefined molasses in it and 1/4 cup maple syrup and 4 dates for the sweetners (I find the recipe does not need the evoo).
Rachel and Veg.

Thanks for the replies.

Have tried honey before and it's lush! Good call!

Will be looking for more sugar less cake recipes but have seen the black bean brownie on here so will give that a whirl for sure.

To the uneducated what is a 1\4 cup size measurement:-)? ?

Even sugar in fruit so what are you supposed to do!

dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
There is sugar in fruit, but it is better than refined sugar! And I think 'guidelines' (not sure whose) recommend a maximum of 3 pieces a day. Don't quote me on that though...
Best thing to do go to a supermarket or cook shop or ebay and buy a set of cup measurements, they are so handy as half the recipes posted on here use cup sizes which is an American way of cooking.

I made the brownies yesterday but used aduki beans as that is what I had to cook came out fine.
Rachel and Veg - thanks again :D
dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
I've cut out most refined sugar and now use maple syrup in my coffee and on my oatmeal (the two things that I still prefer a bit sweet!)

I no longer eat baked goods except for what I make and control the ingredients. I'm not a big fan of fruit so that has never been a significant source of sugar for me.

For a while, I had a secret stash of jelly beans that I went to for a handfull of candy when I got a sweet tooth. But I found that even that small amount had a negative effect...nothing specific but a general malaise. So no more as of January 1st 2014.

Claire - many thanks and well done on no more jelly beans:-)

I've cut out everything literally overnight. Been 3 weeks now and no cravings for anything. I look at meat and dairy in a completely different light now.

Struggling a little with variation but just perusing different recipes in slow time. What I've been eating has been very nice but I do need to get some calories inside me as losing weight and I don't want to! I do exercise a fair amount which doesn't help !!

This diet will make me generally healthier and I believe it will help my MS immensely also.

dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
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