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Whole foods is less calorie dense so eat more frequently I do. You may lose some weight as most have a fat layer that might well shift :-) no need to go hungry when you eat right.
I snack on stuff I make, fruit, nuts, seeds, cold baked potatoes, prunes, dried apricots, sun dried bananas are yummy
Cheers Veg :D
dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
Hello Steve - variety was a challenge at first and then I bought two vegetarian cookbooks - one is vegan and the other is regular vegetarian. I also have a couple of vegan websites that I go to. Just have to adjust the recipes to eliminate oils. Which has been relatively easy. I now have the start of my OMS cookbook - 20 tested recipes and growing.

Thanks Claire.

The world is your oyster as they say! Just need to experiment to find what works and what doesn't. Found an excellent curry already minus only the butter which you wouldn't miss anyway.

dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
Hi Steve
I am also reducing sugar. I find the deliciously Ella blog great... Some of the receipes need to be amended due to the coconut oil or the cacao. I use cocoa powder. I have made nutella and the crumble both are great and you can tell that they don't have the bad sugars.

Nicola Corbett

Dublin, Ireland

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Hi Nicola. Thanks for the info.

Where can I find the Ella blog? Is it in blog central. Had a very quick search but couldn't see it.

dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.

I think it's this one:


I've also used ideas and recipes from fatfree vegan here


Take care, Sue
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Many thanks Sue.

You take care also.

dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
I have soya milk in my tea, and it contains sugar. I am trying to cut back on the sugar i add to my tea, but the milk already contains sugar.
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