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I have started having honey or agave syrup where I can instead of sugar and wondered if this is better than normal sugar in people's opinions.

I know some people have said on here that they are affected by sugar, but I have no idea if I am as I haven't cut it out yet So have nothing to compare it to.

Has anyone tried cutting it out completely? I assumed a bit of sugar was ok as there are quite a few recipes on here that require sugar. Or is it that it's ok in moderation?

I have a really sweet tooth so would find it hard to cut out,but will certainly do it if it's better in people's opinion or from their own experience?

Any advice welcome


Sugar is imflamatory, so I avoid all refined sugar and watch how much sugar from other sources. Whilst I do know if I had too much I avoid anyway because it wont make my body happy and inflaming the system is not good from an MS sense.
You have to make your own judgement as a recipe can be on this site but still not be particularly good, certainly there are many that are for infrequent occasions.
If I do make a recipe that requires sugar I will only use unrefined sugar and always find I can reduce the quantity.
Taste buds do adapt :)
Thanks veg. That all seems sensible. What is classed as unrefined sugar?
You can buy it in the sugar ilse it says unrefined on the packet. I use unrefined molasses by Bedingtons at Tesco.
If it says sugar on processed foods it will be refined.
Is unrefined muscovado okay? I have got some of this to try in recipes.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
It is unrefiend which is better than refined.
I I do make something that requires sugar I review the amount and either swap it for maple syrup and use 1 tbsp or reduce the amount drastitcally that even goes for receipes on this site.
I notice sensitivity to sugar but I also choose to avoid it now following everything I have read.
Hi Lynne,
I use honey as a sweetener when I need it. It is an unprocessed wholefood with plenty of health benefits!
Sugar:the bitter truth is definitely worth a watch (you tube) to see what a bad idea it is for general health. I believe the reasoning goes like this: all fructose ( which is what sugar, fruit sugar, honey and plant based sweeteners are) is processed by the body in the same way and is all problematic.
Fructose in nature is packaged up in fibre and is therefore released more slowly in the body (as an example, sugar cane is really just a stick, it is that fibrous!) as in fruit etc.
Fruit juice however, has no fibre. Agave, maple, honey and unrefined sugar have no fibre so they will cause insulin spikes as the fructose is released quickly, not good.
That's the theory as I understand it and it rings true to me. Honey seems to have some great benefits so I do use it but sparingly. The way I see it, our bodies have evolved with honey as a rare treat if we were lucky, not an everyday thing. I wonder if eating the honeycomb with it would be better? Not very practical in baking...
Also, I think sugar spoils your ability to taste subtler flavours, I taste more these days :)
Medjool dates are great for adding sweetness to a recipe. Or just on their own as a decadent-tasting treat.

And they are a whole food.


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I have almost completely cut my sugar consumption. I very rarely eat cakes (I do not have a sweet tooth), but when I do, I always use stevia. From one of my students, I also received 2000 g xylitol, which is just like sugar in look / taste, but does not effect the insulin level as much. Once a month, my mother-in-law makes a cake for us :), she uses cane sugar, since she does not get on well with these modern sweeteners :D. Otherwise, I use stevia in my chocolate drink (with low fat cocoa powder) - that also is a treat. :) To me, it really wasn't that hard to avoid using sugar at all, if you feel like, try one of these options, too :)
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