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Does anyone have ideas for low fat candy for special occasions or is everything off limits. I'm a bit confused about saturated fat. As long as one stays under 15 g a day, does it matter where the saturated fat comes from? :?:
The less you have of saturated fat the better you do, those under 10 grams a day fared even better.
Does it matter where it comes from yes some saturated fats are even worse than others.
For example hydrogenated fats, fried fats, palm oil, vegetable oil, altered fats.
Only you can decide how much is too much or too often.
Taste buds do change and what is enjoyed today may be replaced with something else later and taste just as good.
That's true. I always stay under 10 g, and the low fat part isn't a problem. I've always had a sweet tooth, and the idea of never eating sweets again is kind of depressing. You are right though, taste buds change and I hope mine will too.

If you could say what you're looking for then we should be able to point you at recipes for alternatives. For example, if you're thinking of chocolate then bliss balls made with cocoa powder or the black bean brownie recipe here are very good - I've been following the programme for 18 months and my tastes have definitely changed but in the early days I was amazed by the flavour of dates and what happens when you blitz them with cocoa powder. I was given some dates at Christmas by my mother in lieu of chocolates or sweets.



Of course, there is always fresh fruit or dried fruit and a few raw nuts - be careful with nuts as there's saturated fat in there. Avoid coconut in all its forms; it's very high in saturated fat.

Thank you for posting your question - I'm now going to make the brownies today :) Inspired ...

Take care, Sue
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My favourite post OMS dessert is the Deliciously Ella Raw Brownies: http://deliciouslyella.com/raw-brownies/.

A nice, sweet shake is her banana, date and almond: http://deliciouslyella.com/banana-date-and-almond-shake-dairy-free/. I use this as an additional meal to help keep weight on.

Good grief! Those recipes on Deliciously Ella look fabulous! I'm looking forward to trying them at the weekend.

On a more serious note, I'm only in my second month of OMS and already my taste buds have changed. I don't even need sugar in my (occasional) coffee anymore. Three months ago I wouldn't have thought that possible.
I second Chris for the Raw Brownies, I make them regularly - they only take 5mins and are amazing!!
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Thank you guys so much for the encouraging words and great recipes. This is exactly what I was looking for. The brownies and bliss balls look amazing. A good dessert makes life more enjoyable in my opinion :)
Hi there,
I was informed about the high saturated fat content of Cacao from the Moderator, so I do not use it. Cocoa is much lower in saturated fat so you can substitute this in the "Deliciously Ella raw Brownie recipe".

Cacao v Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder is 0.8% saturated fat (7g per 86g serving)

Raw cacao powder is 7% saturated fat
http://vegetarian.about.com/od/beverage ... rition.htm

Also be careful re: " Deliciously Ella" recipes that contain coconut oil as we aren't allowed anything derived from a coconut. ie: water,meat,oil etc
Love and light
Rose x
There is a very interesting post on here my a chocletere (sorry can't spell it) that was really useful in understanding fat in chocolate and I'll stick with heavly pressed cocoa powder.
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