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I was after a sweet hit today - so thought I would buy some sultanas to satisfy this - I was shocked ( I guess I have never really thought about it before!) that just a packet of sultanas also contains oil ( can't remember what type although it was a bad type! I did find some organic ones that had organic olive oil in them but I am not sure if the oil would have been heated ( so I would only have to worry about the amount of sat fat in a serving) - just wondered if anyone knows? Thanks
When you guys talk about sultanas are you referring to dried grapes (in US we call them raisins)? I've been confused by this because I've seen posts like this before, but I've checked the labels on the raisins we get here in the states and there are no added oils in mine...and we don't buy the organic, expensive variety.
Raisons dried black grapes sultanas dried white grapes I think.
What about stevia? It is my understanding that it is a completely natural sweetener with no calories. It is considered harmful to M.S. sufferers? I feel so discouraged -- food was such a big part of my life -- and I'm trying to find substitutes that are OMS-approved and still have some taste. Man does not live by salads, veggies, and beans alone!!
I agree with Korimako. Professor Jelinek does not put sugar on the "what not to eat" list.
Just relax and enjoy the foods permitted on the program.
There are some lovely recipes in the recipe section for everyone to enjoy!
Love and light
Rose x
For those of you in Australia, there are sultanas labelled 'natural' (not organic) that have nothing but sultanas as the ingredient. Many of the others have oils and/or preservatives (I'm sensitive to preservative 220, widely used in dried fruits). I believe the brand is Sunbeam.
Thanks I will look out for them!!!

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