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Hi All, I stick to the diet 100% but I do like a bit of sugar every now and again and I do consume a lot of fruit. Now, I dont think the article below is attacking fruit particulary but it is telling us something that perhaps we all know - too much sugar is bad for us - I guess it means too much refinded sugar. Should we be now avoiding sugar in MS? Is there any evidence to suggest sugar plays a part in progression for MS? perhaps not but I think its something we need to take note on

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Take Care All

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Hi Phil,

Remember in "The China Study" that animal protein seemed to be the indicator for increased cardiovascular disease, and other diseases?

In that study, it was purported that a low fat diet in Western cultures almost always led to an increased intake of animal protein, and thereby an increased incidence of disease.

It was a big study.

The article to which you provide a link cites only one study, and I haven't yet been able to have a look at that to see how big or how long it was, or what variables may come into play. Have you been able to read the actual study that Dr Northrup is referring to?

Despite my comments above, I do agree that it is wise to limit sugar intake, for all of us, with or without MS. Some people feel that it is hyperinsulinaemia that causes inflammation, and we all know what leads to insulin secretion!


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I think sugar should be limited. I too eat a lot of fruit and dried fruit its the quickest go to snake and dose ease the sweet cravings. Haven't read the article but some or the research I've read that since the increase of low fat food which is filled with sugar and hydrogenated oils there has been an even bigger increase in heart disease and other illnesses. food for thought as they say
If it is processed it is junk, I love my fruit I eat it as it grew, I like some dried fruit too (but watch out for those with preservatives) I avoid refined sugar and I rarely bake needing sugar and if I do it is always unrefined.
People love to eat low fat food thinking it is better for them but they eat more than thy would have eaten of the full fat variety and it is nearly always heavily processed garbage.
With fruit you are getting fibre and micronutrients along with the sugar, which we need as an energy source. It's filling and satisfying when eaten as nature intended, and you are getting all the synergistic reactions from the wholefood interplay of nutrients that science doesn't even have a handle on yet. Hard to binge on fruit I reckon. But refined sugar is another thing entirely and in pretty much everything these days that doesn't come as nature intended. Empty calories. It's highly inflammatory and putting aside the MS thing, obviously a problem in terms of heart disease, diabetes, obesity et al. Then there's high fructose corn syrup...

But just because sugar is bad, I don't agree with the premise of the article that saturated fat is okay for the rest of us (even without MS).

I found that as I progressed on the OMS diet (I'm now nearly four years in), my 'sweet tooth' disappeared. Did anyone else find that? I guess I just got off the blood sugar rollercoaster.
Yes my sugar thing disappeared as well.
A lot of these articles are trying to make other bad things look less bad against the bad thing being written about.
I think for anyone who recognises the typical habit of eating around us as bad should not feel the need to read these spun articles as they twist data.
In that article it says the typical American eats 132 pounds of sugar a year - which is 6 ounces or 150 grams a day!

I don't think I'll worry about the occasional cake or fruit crumble I make with unrefined sugar ;-)

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The BBC documentary Sugar versus Fat Iis extremely interesting.
It was but it is also old news I have a link to a pdf from the 60s showing the same research. We are very much drip fed and much tv and other stuff is twisted and/or funded by the various food industries.
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